Is my Doctor putting my Thyroid condition off?

I have hypothyroidism with flare ups of Hashimotos disease(swelling of glands extremly tired difficulty swallowing colds and flu like symptoms) My Dr. is telling me to come off my birthcontrol pills because of the hormones and have my tubes tied, then return in 4 months to discuss the removal of my thyroid, He is a specialists and is the second one I have seen, the first one did nothing, I have had nodules biopsied and the results came back inconclusive, I am scared he didn’t want to do any more needle biopsys because only 1 in 100,000 people have thyroid cancer and I wouldn’t be one of them he said. I have had this condition since I was 14 and I am 35 now I also have hudreds of tiny tiny nodules around the thyroid. Should things be moving a little quicker then this?
Dr.’s are only human they do make mistakes I am on my second specialists. 2 specialists in a 222 mile range from our area plus insurance won’t pay for those out of network Dr.s. This is a place of questions, doesn’t mean I will follow through all opinions but all are greatly appreciated.

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