Is it possible to have a normal life with a thyroid condition?

My Dr. recently said he was going to put me on meds for hypothyroidism. Do the meds work? Will I gain weight from it? Is it possible to feel like I did before this problem?

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  • Aspasia

    It is very likely that you will lead a normal life, and you will feel normal after your levels are where they are supposed to be.The doctor may start with a lower dose and gradually increase the dose until your levels are normal. It is important to keep up with all of your lab and doctors appointment, esp when first starting medication.
    When your thyroid levels are normal, you will start to feel better. It may take a few weeks for you to notice the full effect of the medication. There is even a possibility that you may find that it is easier to lose weight after starting medication.
    I have had thyroid disease (hyper and hypothyroid) for years now and I live a normal life. All I have to do is go to checkups for blood tests ever 6 months, and take a pill every morning. I had to get blood drawn more frequently when starting medication when I was hyperthyroid, and also when I became hypothyroid. After that, I return to the office every 6 months for tests. That’s it!

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