Is it possible to get a decent individual health plan in Maryland?

Both my hubby and I are independant contractors which basicly means that we’re on our own when it comes to health insurance. We’d like to start a family but can’t find an affordable policy that covers maternity with out costing a fortune in monthly premiums.
Should I just try to get a job at Target or something? Maybe go to Canada?
Is it better to just save the money instead of paying monthly and pay outa pocket????
Also, most companies have a 1 year waiting period : (
Anybody know a way around this???
ppl/brokers keep trying to set me up with Assurant Health but it seems knida shady…

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    There are plenty of low cost individual health insurance options for the self employed in Maryland.

    Just be sure and choose a plan from a reputable company like a Blue Cross, United Healthcare, Humana, Aetna, etc.

    Most MD individual health insurance plans will have a 1 yr waiting period for the maternity benefits so it can often make sense to not purchase the maternity benefit but just the health insurance component if you plan on having a child within the first year.

    You of course do not want to go without a regular health insurance plan though as most everyone except the very rich would be wiped out financially if they got hit with an unexpected medical bill(s) due to cancer, surgery, broken bone, etc.

    You will want to work with a MD independent health insurance agent to compare options from different companies.

    Compare quotes from at least 3 different insurance to find the cheapest plan.

    Here is some more info on finding the cheapest health insurance plan, some info on maternity health insurance, and also some info specifically on finding Maryland health insurance:

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