Is it okay to worry about health problems?

Is it okay to worry about health problems, especially if I’m young and inexperienced? I’m not the type of person who is "macho" and tends to "ignore" health problems like they’re nothing.


  • Alicia

    Of course, but only so much – don’t become a hypochondriac and start worrying excessively about things!

    For some health problems, like common colds, you can usually get good advice from friends and family, especially if they’ve had the illnesses before. However, some things you’ll need to go to your doctor for, as it’s better to be safe than sorry! 🙂

  • yvette

    It really depends what the health problem is.

    If its a head, cut, lump etc wait a week to see if it goes then see your GP.

    If its anything like blood pressure try to get more active.

    Usually if you worry about a problem you make yourself even more unhealthy.

    If your really concerned about your problem then go to your GP or ask a trusted friend or parent if they have experienced it before.

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