Is anyone else taking Synthroid for a Thyroid condition?

How long did it take to start working? Did your energy ever come back to normal?
I’ve been taking this medicine for nearly 3 years now. They’ve really played with my dosage (especially during my pregnancy last year). However, just when I was feeling better they did a test and my TSH level was 0 so they dropped my dosage, now I feel like crap again. Is anyone using natural supplements in addition to Synthroi.


  • cynthia h

    especially after a big change in your body like pregnancy, it is going to take a while to get everything adjusted again. as you lose weight your dosage may have to even be lowered again. if you really feel bad you may have to go back and fight with your endo to not just look at numbers…but they must have done a pretty good job, since you had a healthy pregnancy. with all the hormones rushing around, it is going to take patience to feel better. I had my thryoid out two years ago, and it took over a year to get my dosage to where I really feel great now. I am on synthroid. It takes at least 6 weeks to have a dose adjusted. also, do you take it the same time and the same way every day? not with coffee…empty stomach with water and no food for at least 1/2 hour. take calcuim supplements at least 4 hours apart from it, as it can prevent absorbtion. I also started back at my yoga when I still felt like crap, and it seemed to really help me…by starting to move, I got stronger, and then I felt better…also, as a new mom, you must be exhausted too. keep working with your doctor. also yahoo health groups have a thyroid group, they might be good support…and has info on everything thyroid as well- not just cancer. good luck and good health.

  • raymond m

    I am taking it and have for several years. I don’t recall exactly how long it took but the change was slow and not very dramatic. Keep taking it though, because if you stop you will start feeling bad real quick.

  • Critter

    I was first taking the generic for synthroid for 2 months and still felt the same. I changed to synthroid and felt so much better. My doctor said some people react better to the brand name rather than generic.

  • I haven’t been on Synthrid, but I have been on Levoxyl (another T4 medication) It did nothing for my symptoms. When I added Cytomel it helped with 75% of my symptoms. I am now on Armour and it has helped with 95% of my symptoms. The first year of my treatment I felt no better. It wasn’t until T3 was added that I started to have reloef of my symptoms. T3 helps with fatigue, depression, hairloss, brain fog, and muscle and joint aches. It can be added in the form of Cyomel or one can drop the T4 and switch to Armour, Naturethroid, or Thyrolar.

    Yes, my energy has come back. I have bee on Armour for 4 years now. It is adjusted by free t4 and free t3, not by TSH. I walk 20-25 miles a week. I would say that’s a good energy level.

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