• theoneandonlytao

    As a Wellness Consultant, I know that almost every dis-ease disappears when you clean out your colon. I have worked with thousands of people and I have seen all types of so-called incurable diseases disappear when the colon gets cleaned out. When you do what it takes to clean out your colon, every other cell in your body also gets cleaned out.

    It’s really sad to see people in the medical field like Opus claim that those of us who simple teach people how to get and stay healthy are trying to sell people something. Give me a break! It is "Organized Medicine" that does NOT have a clue and is responsible for half of the people who have to file for bankruptcy. In "The Solid Gold Stethoscope" Dr. Edgar Berman writes, "Between the various scopes they (gastroenterologist) use, plus the barium meals, barium enemas, and X rays, they roam the entrails with more theories than success."

    When it comes to our health…health care is self care…everyone who peddles treatments, i.e.. drugs and surgery, are the real scam artists and quacks that we must stay away from. Those who peddle treatments are putting the cart before the horse…they are starting at step 2 instead of step 1. Treatments are for the symptoms or the effects! Treatments do NOT remove cause. Don’t give your responsibility away to a treatment peddler…take responsibility and make better lifestyle choices. Beware – Conventional Medicine is the leading cause of death in America. Read "Death by Medicine" http://www.lef.org/magazine/mag2004/mar2004_awsi_death_01.htm

  • gcash81

    maybe, go take a dump and find out

  • Technics

    hm.. something to think about…
    my friend tried a product called colon blow http://www.colonblow.com/ he said taht after his first ‘experience’ he felt great, alive and.. healthy. maybe it is.

  • do_I_care_less?

    Yes!! Being clean on the inside is far more important than the outside.

  • Frances M

    definitely yes!! you have to be clean inside out

  • Sunny

    A clean mind is…

  • Anthony B

    well, keeping a clean as s is a good start.

  • Dawn A

    well yes it is! :):)

  • mr. self destruct

    Absolutley!!!! Too bad I can’t afford to have mine cleansed so I will have to die at a young age.

  • wildfoxoscar

    animals that are breed in no bacterial medium (have no probiotic bacteria anywhere in their body) live twice longer and die for another cause than the rest of their respective specie but remember these animals have no contact whatever to any bacteria, doesnt look like your kind of enviroment huh, bacteria in your intestine helps you produce vitamin k a necesary vitamin for clotting factors, also prevent ansty bacteria to cause you diarrea and help you to process some of your food so give a second thought about get rid of your intestinal bacteria

  • Peter Mrakic

    the TRUTH IS WATCH THE DOCTOR ON THE INFO COMMERCIAL,IF FOOD STAYS UNDIGESTED in your body -big chance of cancer and other diseases.Drink 1 cofee in the morning at least it will set your system right -no decaf!

  • No. Just another bullsh!t claim made by someone who wants to sell you something. No scientific evidence of any benefit to "clean colons", despite what the gullible believe.

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