Inexpensive Remedies for Psoriasis and Eczema Internationally renowned natural health physician and founder Dr. Joseph Mercola shares tips on how to effectively and inexpensively treat Eczema and Psoriasis.


  • nenaandnino

    What  oil do you use?. thanks so much

  • tasha122277

    It is called derm-otic oil by prescription only. it has steroids. and i use it for about 5 days in a row every 2-3 months and have been infection free for a year now

  • nenaandnino

    Tasha thanks for your reply. Now, for the scalp, hair line and behind ears I have used (prescription and NON prescr) the following: by differdermat :calcipotriene topical 0.005% scalp sol n 10% sulfacetamide sodium usp scalp.NON pres: I found Dr. Miracle’s feel it formula (liked it, do it on days that u stay at home)It cleared my scalp and hairline in 2 weeks using it 4 times a week. 🙂

  • tasha122277

    i was referring to oil for my ears, not for scalp. for my scalp i use scalpicin right after i wash my hair every time and it works great and is super cheap and doesn’t dry my hair out since it goes directly on the scalp

  • tasha122277

    note: derm-otic oil is prescribed for eczema in and around the ears. it fixed my recurring ear infections and itchy ears that i had for many years. there is no generic or homeopathic version of it.

  • Jacob Licano

    Thanks for the information man. I have eczema and it seems to be spreading on my face and I think I found my answers. I have learned that Dairy may be the cause of my eczema and not getting any sunlight. I havent been out in the sunlight in months!!!

  • jimmyff50

    thank you i have real bad eczema and its nice to know wat i can do to improve i DID it alot of eggs no more

  • redmeatheart

    I strongly believe ezcema, psoriasis and sebborheic dermatitis are all caused by one of 3 things, liver, colon or kidneys. When the body can not remove toxins via these pathways it reverts to the 4th waste removal organ the skin. Mostly it’s the liver clogged with gallstones or cholastasis that causes the problem, when bile isnt moving into the colon candida begins to grow leading to worse problems such as leaky gut, everyone with a skin disease should liver flush regularly.

  • redmeatheart

    have you had it since birth or developed it?

  • BamBamBentley

    i got it 10 years ago. but it is not normal eczema it is seborrhoic eczema. officially chronic.

  • redmeatheart

    have you ever took accutane or roaccutane in the uk, or did it happen after stopping a medication.

  • BamBamBentley

    no. never taken this stuff. roaccutane is WAY too risky imo. i’d never have taken this stuff.

    at the moment i am using a cream which contains ketoconazole. it works ok so far and it’s better than always using cortisone. but of course i would still wish that i did not have this stuff at all.

  • redmeatheart

    have you read andres moritz amazing liver flush, or hulda clarks liver flush. I know this sounds gross but check your bowel movements are they light or dark, in colour, remember impaired bile flow is a massive primary cause for psoriasis,ezcema and seb derm. In fact seb derm is just a lesser version of psoriasis, you have increased epidermal skin synthesis. Often if the liver is sluggish the fat soluble toxins end up being removed through the pores as opposed to the bile.

  • BamBamBentley

    hello. are you talking about enemas and such things? i am really not into this stuff and i also read you can cause damage with enemas.
    i also do not have any bowel problems. i know that many people blame almost everything on colon problems but i am not really convinced of this. and how do you know wether i have increased skin synthesis? how do you define increased skin synthesis?

  • Jacob Licano

    I had eczema and cured it without any medications only an organic diet. But, when I started thinking that eating the junk food right after would be okay just because I cured it I thought I would be okay. It started again and I began to scratch so now I have to do it all over again.

  • TeacherPhilEnglish

    the only cure: specific thought pattern : “I DO NOT WANT TO SEPARATE FROM MY SKIN”. the skin will stop flaking and stop inflammatory replenishment. Original conflict is a separation from friend/family conflict shock, but chronic eczema is thoughts of wanting the skin to flake off/fear of skin becoming worse. Have faith in “I don’t want to separate from my skin.” relax into the thoughts. Glue the skin together with vegetable glycerin to help cancel the negative fear/thoughts.

  • Teoroy

    Hello how much salt do one needs? What percentage? thanks

  • curlyperm2

    is sea salt ok….we havnt all got the money to spend!!!

  • kevolution2

    yeh,seawater is great but Psoriasis is NOT a skin disease it is a symptom of an infflammatory condition,related to arthriris,anklyosing spondyialitis,CHEERS that you noticed the gluten connection,it’s a primarily diet problem related to human antigen b27,the “starvation” gene is also a factor,it’s an iceage survival thing.avoid grian based foods!!!!

  • kaylapaiam

    The best way to get rid of skin disorders is to use the method that will clear it completely and that will have no reoccurrances. At The American Institute of Advanced Medicine, they can actually do that for you. The treatment is FDA approved and has a 90-100% success rate. You Will Love your results

  • markuskentwood

    i developed eczema this past winter and I had never had it before. It only emerged on my face and around/inside my ears. I eventually went on an elimination diet and found that carbohydrates of any kind aggravated the condition if not caused it. Come summertime, my eczema went into remission even while I was eating carbohydrates. I connected this with the sunlight I was getting which in turn was the producer of Vitamin D in my body.


    how about the dead sea salt???

  • Alena D

    I saw another video here that recommends sea salt and oil. I have started using extra virgin olive oil with good success. I’m going to try the sea salt. One video recommented that alone, another with oil. I would steer clear of all creams that have anything unnatural in them. They irritate. Extra virgin olive oil is better than anything else I’ve used. I like aloe vera gel but it has preservatives in it. If you have any breaks or irritation on your skin do not use anything unnatural.

  • Manuel Addington

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  • Dejavo

    I’m going all out on the vitamin d + fish oil thing now to treat my on and off (currently rampant) eczema/psoriasis. Will prolly report back here. It’s nice with follow ups imo.

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