? I think I have a thyroid condition that's causing hair shedding………….?

I think that’s it…My hair grows like water and is in good condition, I had a little over an inch cut a week ago and the stylist made several comments on the condition of my hair but it’s shedding and has been doing so for over a year…I don’t see what else it could be this isn’t typical in my blood line, I was born with thick hair and even my Grandmother has thick hair still…What do you’ll think…have you ever been through this and found out the reason for shedding…what can cause shedding please list some things before i go make an appointment…has anyone ever discovered that they had a thyroid condition causing shedding?


  • shortstuff

    You could very well have a thyroid condition, known as Hypothyroidism. (underactive thyroid gland) Some of the symptoms, are hair loss, dry skin, weight gain, tiredness, etc. The easiest way to find out if you have it or not, is to schedule an appointment with your doctor, tell him of your concerns, & ask him to order a special blood test for you. Without a doubt, it will confirm whether or not you have it. If you have it, you will be placed on synthroid, & in time, the pills will raise the various levels, within the thyroid gland. Periodically, you will have this special bloodwork repeated, & if any of the levels are low, the doctor may increase your daily dosage of synthroid. Hair loss can also result from stress also.

  • dee_ann

    yes thyroids can cause some hair loss i have thyroids, go get it checked its a simple blood test

  • SMinerva21

    Thyroid problems run in my family, and I can tell you for sure that hair loss is one symptom. Other major symptoms are fatigue weight loss or gain or insomnia. There are also many different kinds of thyroid disorders, so narrowing down will be helpful.

    You need to go to a doctor to have thyroid bloodwork done and explain your symptoms. Thyroid problems are tricky and the only way to be sure is to discuss it with a healthcare professional. However, once you’ve figured out what’s wrong, there are certain meds you can go on that will help you a lot of your symptoms.

    Good luck 🙂

  • bird79

    Thyroid could be one of several causes. Some medications will cause loss of hair for example Birth control, anti depressants, etc. also age and stress could play a signficant role.

  • Yes, for me the shedding was due to hypothyroidism. To test for this have a morning TSH, Free T4, Free T3, and an antibody test.

    When I first got on medication, it did not help with the hairloss. It ony helped when I switched to a natural thyroid medication called ARmour. Actually some hair grew back, especially the eyebrow area.

    Thyroid link below

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