i only eat home made stew potatoes,carrots onions,mince meat,i eat that 2 times?

a day,plus i have 2 bovril drinks a evening,and a quarter piece of french stick.and maybe 3/4 cups of coffee a day.and 3 glasses of water a day.is that ok,as i don’t want to be ill if its not enough vitamins.


  • Tigger

    It’s not as bad as some peoples diet, at least it is not microwavable rubbish you can get, but you need to eat a wider variety of food – you don’t mention fruit or any fats (like chocolate). You also need fibre and other stuff.

    Why do you only eat those things? Do you have/had an eating disorder?
    Or are you just really fussy?

    If you can’t get yourself to eat other things maybe go to your doctor who can hopefully get you an appointment with a dietician who can help you eat better.

    In the meantime here is my suggestion for a more varied diet:

    1. Breakfast: You could start with having some french stick and a glass of orange juice (or if you don’t like orange you could have apple juice or tropical fruit juice – just make sure it is pure fruit, to begin with you could always fill half the glass with juice and half with water to water it down abit)
    Then you could progress to either putting something on the french bread (nutella or jam or marmalade or even just butter or margarine) or you could try cereal. (I like Corn flakes, or bran flakes or alpen or ready brek) There are heaps of different cereals out there, just have a look and see what you want to try. If you don’t want cereal you could always have some fruit.

    2. Snack: Have a drink – either coffee or water (try putting some flavouring in your water, wether you use squash or fruit juice it doesn’t matter sometimes) Have a couple of biscuits or a cake (you can get tiny biscuits or cake bars that are made for kids lunch boxes if you don’t want a big packet of biscuits or cake (they keep better if you get them in the individual packs anyway).

    3. Lunch: Try and change the way you have the potato (if you always have them mashed have them boiled or fry them for crunchy potatoes etc), try different veg – don’t just have carrots, try broccoli, peas, beans etc. Try different meats – you could have chicken or beef.
    Other ideas for lunch are:

    Meat: Sausages, burgers, chicken, beef, lamb, pork etc
    Potato – mash, jacket potato, crunchies, boiled
    Vegetables – peas, beans, swede, carrots, broccoli etc etc
    Baked beans / spaghetti hoops
    Spaghetti / pasta
    (If you are OK with ‘hot’ foods there is chilli, peppers etc)
    You can add herbs to your cooking

    Fruit: You can have fruit raw or here’s some ideas of things you can do with fruit:
    Cook the fruit – you can cook heaps at once and freeze what you don’t want straight away – you can either cook a single fruit or you can cook two or more fruits together (I like apple and pear cooked together or apple and blackberries) You can then either eat the fruit on it’s own or have custard, cream, ice cream with it. Or you can make a fruit pie, or tart or you can make a steamed sponge and either have the fruit on the bottom and have the sponge mixture on top and cook that – or you can make the sponge then add the fruit when you serve it, or you can make fruit crumble…..
    As mentioned above you can make a steamed sponge – you could have plain sponge, chocolate, coffee, sponge with jam, sponge with fruit – serve it with custard (plain, chocolate or coffee flavoured) or serve with ice cream, or cream.
    Milky puddings: Semolina, rice pudding, tapioca – you can make these or buy them in tins – homemade is better and you can eat it hot or cold – serve either on its own or with jam or chocolate spread or fruit.
    There’s heaps of other things – chocolate bars, cake, angel delight (a sort of moose), blancmange, jelly, ice cream, etc etc
    Drink: You could have milk – either plain or you can buy milkshake or buy a powder you can add to milk to make it taste nicer.

    Sandwich – there are heaps of fillings to choose from
    baked beans on toast (or bread)
    spaghetti hoops on toast (or bread)
    cake, chocolate, biscuits, cereal bar
    have a fruit juice or a milk drink or a hot drink
    egg (boiled, scrambled etc)
    scrambled egg on toast

  • Lobbs

    It’s not awful, but you need to include a wider variety of foods in your diet. This website is a good simple guide


  • MrsThomas

    That sounds fine, but don’t you get tired of it??? lol. Just throw in some vitamin C tablets for good measure honey. If you are truly drinking three glasses of water a day, then you should be fine.

  • Jason Starship

    Try more fruits and meats.

  • La Vie Boheme

    It’s too much meat and I don’t see any whole grains or fruit in your diet.

  • If this is not a windup question, I think your having too much Caffeine, not enough vitamins and perhaps thinking of losing weight too much. You need a balance diet and some of what "you fancy" does you good! (:))

  • joeyrodent2

    you should try to drink about 2 litres of water a day.

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