i need help! colon and digestion very sluggish?

for a long time ive but lately its gotten worse had a problem with my belly i used to think it was just fat but came realize it wasnt im pretty thin except for my belly im five foot eight weigh one twenty somethn my weight gain and drops like several pounds doesnt matter what i eat or how much sometimes m belly blows up like a basketball which makess it bad when ur thin cause ppl think ur pregnant ive tried herbs and still on em itry to eat healthy and im pretty activemy tummy feelsswollen and miserable im 21 the more i try to do somethn bout it the worse it gets the only yhing that will make it go down is hardly eat anything
i work nights up late late. 3 days i get up early other days stay n bed till noon i dnt sleep good partially frm pain from a wreck 2 yrs ago

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  • Hi Amber,

    I really recommend the book ‘Colon Health’ by Dr. Norman Walker. It’s a short, easy to read book and will tell you all that you need to know about this very important organ.

    A healthy colon is vital to overall health for both men and women. Dr. Max Gerson found that he could heal cancer, tuberculosis, migraine headaches and all sorts of other conditions simply through diet and coffee enemas.

    For women, a swollen, sluggish, colon that doesn’t have 2-3 bowel movement daily, has an incredibly negative impact on the uterus/ovaries and hormone production. Those organs are basically surrounded by the lower colon, and if it’s even the slightest bit swollen with food or mucoid plaque (layers of toxic old mucous & fecal matter), the colon will squeeze the uterus/ovaries leading to PCOS and other conditions, all of which are healed through cleansing the colon.

    When the state of my girlfriends colon deteriorated several years ago, she was hospitalised, and after weeks of drugs, the doctors decided that the only ‘solution’ was to cut out her colon. I managed to smuggle in the amazing Vit-Ra-Tox Seven Day Cleansing Kit against the wishes of the doctors, and she made an immediate recovery.

    The Vit-Ra-Tox Seven Day Cleansing Kit contains powdered psyllium seed husks which are almost 100% fibre. Even if your not interested in this kit, you need to clean your colon ASAP, and the best way is with high fibre and enemas/colonic irrigations.

    I’m not trying to scare you or anything but you really do need to take care of this condition.

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