• naturallydedicated

    Try to get some light exercise in before bedtime.

    No caffeine.

    Take a nice shower or bath, and slip into clean sheets spritzed with lavender, and if that still does not work…

    I had insomnia for some time, and went on several meds from a MD, and then went the natural route.

    I take something called Stemulite, an all natural health supplement. There is a daytime and nighttime formula, and the nighttime component, is the best natural sleep anhancer I have ever taken.

    The nighttime formula has melatonin in it, so after sometime, I decided to just take "melatonin" because it was less expensive, but found it didn’t put me into DEEP REM sleep like Stemulite did. I think this is partly due to the manufacturing process, and the synergistic ingredients in Stemulite, which help regulate the hypothalamus, adrenals, and pituitary glands naturally. Additionally, a doctor created Stemulite for top body functionality, so not only did I get great sleep, I ended up not having anxiety attacks anymore, and felt like my moods had become stabilized.

    You can download a free report at http://powerofstemulite.com and it will tell you all about it.

  • jangles19

    warm milk?
    haha dont have any caffene 6 hours before you sleep
    clear your mind and listen to your breathing pattern
    thats what i do (:
    good luck (:

  • Dr. G.C.

    Try valerian root. You can get it in capsule, tablet or tincture form. Alternatively, you can use valerian tea which is less effective. Valerian root is the source of the common drug Valium. It assists with inducing sleep.

  • pdoll96

    yes warm milk is a good one…also you should not overstimulate yourself at least an hour before going to bed by watching the news or something…play music that relaxes you, diffuse a nice calming scent like lavender….

  • Lewys

    drink some chamomile tea with honey it is Relaxing and will is a good sleep aid Lavender and chamomile oil on your feet. the best kind is 100% high grade I like young living but it has to be ordered and it comes from utah so if you don’t want to wait that long go to a local health store and buy the highest grade you can find. between the lavender and chamomile they are both calming and relaxing and are great sleep aids. put chamomile or lavender or both in a hot tub of water relax for a while and then go straight to bed.

  • rdnek1001

    Valerian root is what they make Valium out of but them they add chemicals to it to make the Valium. The valerian root is the best natural thing I have ever found. I have had sleeping problems for five about 5 years. The best thing that I have found that is gentle and easy on you is the over the counter medicine Unisom.. you can even take this when your pregnant. The doctors suggests taking it before you go to bed to help with morning sickness. But it works better than the valerian root.

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