How Your Diet Can Help Your Genital Warts Treatment 

If you have genital warts then you can expect to undergo some type of treatment to get rid of them. But you have to remember that genital warts can come back after they are removed because these warts are caused by a virus. So what can you do to get rid of genital warts forever. Keep reading to learn more about how your diet can help with your genital warts treatment.

HPV is the virus that causes genital warts. This virus is one of the most common sexually transmitted infections in the world today. It is estimated that at least 50% of sexually active individuals will get HPV at some time in their lives. The problem with HPV is there is no medication to kill it. Since it is a virus it is not a live organism. It is a piece of DNA that inserts itself into a specific cell in the human body and uses the DNA there to replicate itself.

However, the human body does have a weapon that can be effective against viruses such as HPV. This secret weapon is the body’s own immune system. Once the immune system detects an intruder in the body it will activate various cells to eliminate the virus.

So let’s say you have genital warts. You get a great genital warts treatment from your doctor and after a week or two your warts are completely gone. Life is good and you resume your normal activities. But much to your surprise, within six months you have genital warts again! You want to blame your sexual partner for re-infecting you but this is not the case. Your body never got rid of the HPV virus.

So what can you do to help your genital warts treatment get rid of your warts, so they stay gone. The secret is to build a strong immune system. You can do this by eating certain foods. The following is a list of foods that will help nourish a powerful immune system:

1. Yogurt. There have been numerous studies on the effect of yogurt on the immune system. Yogurt appears to boost the production of gamma interferon, increase the activity of the natural killer cells, and it can also increase the production of antibodies. These are all very important components of the body’s immune system. One study even suggested that yogurt can stimulate the immune system so much it can actually fight off cancer cells.

2. Shitake mushrooms. These mushrooms have been used for centuries because of their anti-viral properties. Shitake mushrooms have strong immuno-stimulating properties. The components found in these mushrooms can increase the function of macrophages and T-lymphocytes, which are two very important elements which the body needs to fight off viruses.

3. Garlic. Studies have shown that garlic can stimulate specific aspects of the immune system to help eliminate microbes and kill tumor cells.
4. All kinds of fruits and vegetables. Organic fruits and vegetables are the best because they contain no chemicals from pesticides and herbicides. Dark purple and blue fruits are great for boosting the immune system. Some studies have suggested that cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower can help fight cancer cells. One study found the white blood cells of vegetarians were twice as powerful against tumor cells compared to the white blood cells of meat eaters.

5. Oysters. This shellfish contains high levels of zinc. Zinc has been proven to enhance the activity of the body’s immune system. Some researchers even theorize that zinc can rejuvenate an aging immune system. If you don’t like oysters look for other sources of zinc or take a zinc supplement.

6. Whole grains and fiber. If you want to maintain a healthy immune system you must keep your digestive system in good shape. Regular bowel movements are important for removing toxins from the body. That is why fiber is so important. When you get adequate amounts of fiber it will build bulk in the stool that is in the bowel and stimulate bowel movements. You don’t want this waste material sitting in your colon for days where it can possibly leak back into your body and make you sick.

7. Water. This cannot be stressed enough. Water is one of the most important elements you can put into your body. It hydrates cells, improves organ function and flushes toxins from your body. If you want an immune system that will help your genital warts treatment be more effective you have got to drink more water.

So there you have a great list of foods that can help build a strong immune system. When you have a powerful immune system your genital warts treatment can be more effective. Your immune system is the best chance you have of getting rid of HPV forever.