How to Treat Hormonal Acne 101

Heyyyyyyyy sexy ladiessssss (and gentlemen lol) Today we’re going to be talking about Hormonal Acne. You already know that Acne is so what exactly is Hormonal Acne and why is it the most stubborn type of acne to get rid of? In this video, I’ll be sharing beauty advice on how you can treat/control Hormonal Acne. You’ll find that having clearer skin is not just about what products you use on your face but your diet and lifestyle plays a major role too. It’s all about finding the right balance for your skin and understanding your body. Remember, nobody is perfect. Don’t let your acne ruin your life. I used to think I was alone and people will think I’m a freak. Guess what? That was my own perception. I judged myself before anybody else did. Stop stressing about your skin and you’ll be surprised what’ll happen for your skin ^^. I hope you guys will find this video helpful ^^ I had a lot of fun filming this. I felt a bit sickly that day so I took some medication and I think it made me extra high/ chirpy lol. Also want to thank everybody for your Birthday wishes! I had a wonderful day!!! I can’t believe I’m 26 now!!! I’m gonna be a bride next year eeeep! Wow. I’m really growing up. This year is gonna be amazing. I know it already ^^ Good night World!! I missed you all. Sorry for not uploading a video for like a week. Not been feeling too well lately. Must be the weather x_X Much love, Bubz xx _________________ Check out my makeup brush line & T-Shirt range:

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