How to Treat Hormonal Acne 101

Heyyyyyyyy sexy ladiessssss (and gentlemen lol) Today we’re going to be talking about Hormonal Acne. You already know that Acne is so what exactly is Hormonal Acne and why is it the most stubborn type of acne to get rid of? In this video, I’ll be sharing beauty advice on how you can treat/control Hormonal Acne. You’ll find that having clearer skin is not just about what products you use on your face but your diet and lifestyle plays a major role too. It’s all about finding the right balance for your skin and understanding your body. Remember, nobody is perfect. Don’t let your acne ruin your life. I used to think I was alone and people will think I’m a freak. Guess what? That was my own perception. I judged myself before anybody else did. Stop stressing about your skin and you’ll be surprised what’ll happen for your skin ^^. I hope you guys will find this video helpful ^^ I had a lot of fun filming this. I felt a bit sickly that day so I took some medication and I think it made me extra high/ chirpy lol. Also want to thank everybody for your Birthday wishes! I had a wonderful day!!! I can’t believe I’m 26 now!!! I’m gonna be a bride next year eeeep! Wow. I’m really growing up. This year is gonna be amazing. I know it already ^^ Good night World!! I missed you all. Sorry for not uploading a video for like a week. Not been feeling too well lately. Must be the weather x_X Much love, Bubz xx _________________ Check out my makeup brush line & T-Shirt range:


  • Mr4evergdragon

    Love your tips btw it’s mrs nt mr4evergdragon

  • MuEbMa

    What kind of exercise?

  • MsKPopButter

    I’ve been a qlyal subscriber to bubz for a while and she’s been using the word breaking out a lot. Can someone tell me what it actaully means?
    Thanks in advance 😀

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  • beautytryouts

    @erin fagan, I believe she was referring to which birth control is approved by the FDA to help aid with acne

  • Linh Luu

    omg you are so cute!

  • diyanah456

    Could you teach me how to make pimple cream using homemade product and how to remove blackhead using homemade product .. I really need your help … Thanks

  • Clara Thomas

    Thank you this is great

  • NelloTenshi

    BUBZ! i love all your advices .. do you have any advice or treatment on how to heal chest and back acne and scars? :c i managed to treat my face .. but my chest is just so…. UGH!! :C HELP !

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    Awwh, you just ruined Voldemort for me! haha, kidding Bubz:) This is great XD

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    ahahaha “HELLOO!!”

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    Tom Riddle.. Voldemort.. har de har har

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    sagfg! I just thought that too!

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    More like a horrible attitude…

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    ” Herrrlo . “ says the pimple ;D

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    Hahhaha! I have the same cardigan! Its comfy.

  • powdergloe

    i suffered from constant hormonal, cystic acne on my chin for 3 years. no topicals worked. i eliminated dairy and my skin has been clear ever since. it takes will power to make the change, but it’s worth it. each pimple took 2-3 months to come to head. now, i rarely get any pimples and my period is lighter. it took about 4 months to really see a change (ie. no more new acne and healing of old scars). i now consume dairy maybe once a month with no problems.

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    If anyones looking for new people to watch on youtube, please check out my first video if you’d like 🙂 I’m just some asian girl with an irish accent 😛

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    haha bubzz XD i love the beginning disco party and the graph thing hshsh you have to much fun in your videos sometimes….thats a good thinng:) love you bubz! check out my channel i just started it but im hopefully gonna have a lot of tutorials up<3 xx

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    Lol I just kept replaying the beginning part 


    Lol can I get a PMS? 😀 The joy of being a woman..

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    omg i bet you typed that crap with your ears and eyes closed just go get a life u hater

  • Yuki Kawaii

    i have whitehead acne a lot but then i start drinking milk about 2 weeks ago my face is fill with nodules and when i stop drink milk my face is so much better, so i do really think milk caused acne

  • KristieCS

    Soy milk has estrogen. If you don’t want extra hormones in your milk drink organic milk. Soy milk will make your hormone problems worse

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