How to stay thin and look healthy

[jwplayer file=’’] Today's question comes to us from Kristen from Facebook Melissa you look wonderful! What other workouts do you do to look so fab? R ua vegetarian? Great clothing at Squeezed! Kristen, it has really been a matter of honouring my constitution. In ayurveda I am a vata constitution and so yoga and walking is enough exercise for me. I have migraine disease and so I have to be very careful of what I eat. I eat a vegan, gluten free diet with a lot of other restrictions (no alcohol, sugar, night shades) because a lot of things cause my migraines to get worse. I truly believe that good nutrition is more important than exercise because if we are careful of what we put into our bodies then we don't have to take the secondary step of correcting our actions with exercise – I'm actually having my friend Kelly do a video to talk about this right now! Now if you take my husband on the other hand, he is a kapha constitution and he has to do a lot more exercise just because of the nature of his constitution. Check out episodes 45 through 48 of Namaste Yoga to learn more about this!

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