• Tropicales

    Yes, there are natural remedies that cure hair falling out. There could be many reasons why this is happening. It could be a hormonal imbalance, such as the thyroid. Or you could be highly deficient in certain vitamins and minerals (such as Vit. D, Silica mineral, etc) and your diet is not nutritionally sound or sufficient.
    I don’t know if you’re male or female, which can have a bearing on why the hair loss.

    I recommend you see a doctor of natural medicine and have a thorough consultation with them. I will also send you a link for natural medicine that are only for health professionals. Not something you would find on a store shelf. They are in medicated potencies and will be used under the direction of a health professional.

    I hope this information can help you have a glimpse of what to look into.

    Sure it’s normal to lose hair, as everyone sheds a bit. But our hair really shouldn’t be falling out that much and I’m sure you realize what the difference is, otherwise you probably wouldn’t be asking this.

    All the best!

  • Raini .. BAM

    It’s normal for someone to lose 200 strands
    of hair per day; sometimes even more!

    Don’t stress on it, hun! ;]

  • p1m91t

    I lose like 20 pieces of hair everyday from taking shower, to rubbing my head on my pillow to sleep, and to grabbing my hair from the stress…It’s normal….

  • hair falls is natural, normal people will loose their hair at least 70-120 pieces.
    if you find your hair is falling too much you have to use hair fall serum.you can find it id drugstore.
    for alternative sollution, you may use tea water and inject it in your head, i mean apply it properly. then, rinse it with herbal shampoo.
    have a GuT lUck Try!!

  • Lonelystar

    Many causes, many treatment.
    Some hair falling is natural. But if you think that it is too much then you can consult a dermatogist.

  • Sheeeeee

    its genetics, can delay by keeping your hair clean & using light shampooing.

  • Liberty F

    Use a good shampoo & conditioner get natural from health store,Very important as winter plays havoc on your hair. There is a product (natural) called Hairmax Md which could also help you. It is sold by MicroNutra Health.

  • NutriSamurai

    It is normal to have hair fall out, mostly it is breakage and will grow like normal hair does, others are related to the hormones that actually do damage to the hair follicles and it has difficulty re-growing (this can be genetic or even environmental).

    What I have found (being a male victim of the latter) is that proper nutrition (anyone surprised I said this?) can help prevent additional permanent loss and even help some growth areas.

    I have found (mostly by accident) that a mix of a specific set of natural phyto-based nutritional supplements seems to provide the balance needed to help slow down the hormonal and environmental issues that can lead to the permanent loss.

    I was thinning on top regularly and getting worse until about 2 years ago. I began taking a glyconutritional supplement, and a phtyo-based micronutrient (plant based multivitamin), an endocrine support supplement (Phyto-sterols), and an anti-oxidant (plant derived as well with an ORAC score of over 15,000). Once I took all four of these in very high quantities in the beginning (and significantly increased my water intake) two things happened, my hair started growing (along with my nails, etc…) at almost 3 times the rate it used to (I had to visit my hairstylist a lot more!) AND on my fourth visit to my hairstylist (about 6 or 7 weeks into it) she pulled back my hair at my forehead and was shocked to find a small forest of new hair growth interspersed with my other hair. (She now takes them as well)

    I am not saying this will do anything for anybody, but I have not stopped any one of the four supplements in case it stops the positive effect (i.e. I have not tested to see if it was all four or a combination of two or more, or what – I was taking the glyconutrient by itself before so I know it was not that specifically but a combination of that and one or all of the other three), but it worked beautifully for me… This is nutritional therapy at its finest, giving the body what it has always needed to do what it always could!

  • tomorjerry

    Drink 10-12 glasses of water daily and have a high protein diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables and dairy products. Since iron-deficiency anemia can also cause hair loss,make sure that you eat a well-balanced diet that includes a daily serving or two of iron-rich foods. Check out
    http://usefulinfo-hairloss.blogspot.com/ for more info.

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