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Instagram: La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo – delivers worldwide: – if they haven’t any, then you can order on Boots but they don’t ship worldwide I don’t think… Boots are here: IMPORTANT! In the US, Duo is a spot treatment, NOT the all-over treatment that we have in the UK! OK, here’s a skin update video for you. I hope that these few acne and breakout tips help a few of you at least! It’s really hard to know which products work and which are making your acne worse or aggravating it, so my main rules would be: 1) Cleanse thoroughly with a gentle-yet-effective cleanser. If you want more recommendations, have a look at all of the ones I’ve reviewed on my site: 2) Cut out eating sugar and junk food. It REALLY works! 3) Don’t use harsh topical scrubs (with big bits in them! Those Apricot ones are the worst culprits.) They really aggravate already aggravated skin. If it’s a fine scrub, that’s OK, but avoid those cheap and nasty ones with huge lumps in! 4) Cleanse again. 5) Give the Effaclar Duo a go, if you can. It’s literally the best thing so far I’ve tried for my adult breakouts, I can’t imagine it would be any less effective on teen skin. Ruth xx Read more about Liquid Gold here: 111Skin Cleanser: Harrods Alpha-H Clear Skin Cleanser: Dr Jart Bubble Foam: Superfacialist Neroli Cleanser: Murad SPF15 Mattifier: Givenchy Eclat Mattisme (I use shade 4) Clarins


  • alexandralobert

    For people who wonder if sugar can promote acne, I would like to share my experience.
    I am not a sugar consumer, I prefer savory food. I have clear skin for the most part. One day I discovered I enjoyed a iced popsicle, very lightly sweetened. I started eating more and more of them, to the point I almost had one a day. In no time I developed spots on my chin. I stopped eating the popsicles, and my skin got soon better. This my experience, my two cents, hope it helps someone.

  • Hakita

    I agree with you on Effaclar Duo! 100% I had persistent blemishes and acne for months and months. And I was so frustrated and insecure. And one day I popped into a pharmacy and the pharmacist recommended this and since that, my very aggravated face has healed completely. This stuff is a miracle.

  • Gresaaa

    you shocked the hellll out of your body then, probably just getting used to it?

  • noonesurviveslife

    @okmary10 noooo, don’t prevent freckles!! (Okay, maybe she’ll answer you and give you tips on how to do it, and if you really want to, of course you can try to get rid of them) I just wanted to tell you that I think freckles are absolutely beautiful and I wish I had more 🙂

  • louisekelly1986

    love your videoa so informative, hope La Roche works for me! x

  • louisekelly1986

    love your videoa so informative, hope La Roche works for me! x
    PS love liquid gold too all thanks to ure videos 🙂

  • luciaaho

    Hey ruth! I have been using La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo for a week because of this video. My skin has been A LOT better. Thanks you very much! x

  • itzashl3y86

    Ruth! I love your videos. What ingredient do u think it is??? I’ve been having the same exact problem in the same area! I can’t pinpoint the cause.

  • babyface2385

    Can you please do a video on facial self tanners that are good and don’t break you out? I would love that because I don’t fake tan in the winter. Thank you

  • fishfriend11

    sugar definitely causes acne. my dermatologist has confirmed this

  • Peplidaki

    I cant thank u enough for helping me change my acne prone skin with Effaclar Duo..I use it just for a week,twice a day and already my skin is much more clearer!!Its actually cheap and effective.Thank u, keep up the good work!Greetings from Greece,Pepi!

  • UsernameIndeedio

    Was wondering where I recognised you from then from googling I realised that it was from “This Model Life”. Pleased to see that you’ve obviously done well for yourself, how long ago was programme? xx

  • chicandbelle

    Crazy thing! I never get breakouts… but decided to buy the effaclar duo anyways because you recommended it and I love your advice… two days later I got the worst breakout ever, and ALL over my face! So happy I had purchased the cream in advance, it is a miracle worker but you’re right purely medical 🙂 love from switzerland xxxx

  • alvi18118

    great video

  • Ashlee Fitz-Gerald

    I had bad acne and decided to try tea tree oil – well i’ve never looked back since! It really cleared my skin and now I get compliments 🙂

  • MissMotek

    newest research shows that sugar, high glycimic carbohydrrates and dairy link strongly to acne ..

  • ndrodriguez

    You re absolutely stunning!

  • farhanajamal

    I feel the same way, it’s great when we use that one *only one* thing that work for our skin, but I just felt bored or a bit depress that I don’t use my other skincare products 🙁

  • Emily Fox

    how tall are you? x

  • AModelRecommends

    5’8″ x

  • AModelRecommends

    Thank you xx

  • AModelRecommends

    2003! xx

  • AModelRecommends

    Freckles are beautiful! x

  • Kendall Jonnah

    You make me feel better about my gap teeth! Can you post a vlog about how you got into modelling? Im sure everypne would be interested in your story and aspiring models will love it!

  • shell82031

    when i started using the effaclar duo my skin got even worse :/

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