How I Cured My Back Acne

THUMBS UP IF YOU WOULD LIKE A PART 2! PLEASE READ: This was my way of getting rid of my back acne. I’ve went to the dermatologist and been prescribed medication, tried all types of creams/toners/body washes and this was the only thing that worked for me. Try at your own risk! Make sure you go to someone who is credible and you trust. Hope the video wasn’t too long! There was a lot of information I had to give! CONNECT WITH ME: Twitter: FaceBook: Instagram: @weylie VLOG CHANNEL WITH MY BOYFRIEND WAH: Business Inquiries ONLY: Thanks for watching!


  • TheBlondiex333

    Nope, you have to deal with the pain every time you get a facial / back facial / chest facial etc.

  • paralumanlove12

    woa! you are so slim now! i am a newbie your make up story was the first vid i watched and that made me sub to you! you are so lovely <3

  • MetalowyAsshole

    omg, i thought i was the only one… you’re so perfect and you had a back acne? impossible to imagine :O

  • sabii50

    I thought I was the only one

  • xSelenaGfanx3

    Weylie you are sooooo gorgeous and very lucky to have found a guy like Wah who doesn’t care about that stuff<3 Love you girl!

  • heartsparklez15

    Embrace your flaws

  • sohndongwoon

    when I was younger I had back acne but it disappeared for itself when I grow up

  • AstridWeien

    didnt the pimples come back after the woman popped them? when I pop mine, they always come back…

  • ieunatelove

    i totally know what u r talking about because i went through the very similar experience… and so far, you are the only one that i have ever watch on youtube, that could describe it exactly how it is … seriously!
    you are great at this .. telling it as how it is .. cheers!

  • brunetteforsure

    and lack on calcium? nono! there’s girls who are growing up and realllyy need their calcium!

  • idavisje1


  • gimmysumsugar123

    You’re so brave for doing this video weylie ♥♥

  • brunetteforsure

    oooh weylie you look so gorgeous, i can just picture you in summer with a lil tan gorggg

  • Sharna Kelly

    im lactose intolerance and i still have back acne.

  • ieunatelove

    by the way, this is not be the best or the safest way , but this was how i got rid of the scars on my back un-intentionally – i sun bathing w/o sun block with friends, when i got home, my back was like a lobster colour and sun burn is a little painful, and the next few days it started to peel, no pain during the peeling process, just a little itchy. I use sponge when i shower to get rid of the peeling skin quicker. and after a week or so, all the scars had gone. 🙂 don’t copy me if u r not sure.

  • fan4ushergirl

    no i just find it funny how youtube does that .

  • Christina Rose


  • lapdidoox

    your back acne is probably gone because of the pill, I was the same way.

  • KAwaii0Nee

    Weylie if you do a part 2 to this video, can you also mention how to cure the scars that remain from pimples on your face? I used to have a lot of facial acne but although it’s mostly gone, i have a lot of scars left all over my face 🙁 apart from using products, what else is helping in fading the scars?

  • bakerchloe99

    How do u not have face acne?! I have it bad and I have tried literally everything! Llease make video on face care:) Pleaseeee!!!!!

  • Mari Bella

    Can you do a video on getting rid of scarring ? please ? (:

  • Khryssi05

    I think I’m gonna unsub, sorry weylie

  • meowlynn

    I use PanOxyl forbmy forehead and my bf for the back! It’s really good cuz it kills the bacteria that cause acne, clears existing acne blemishes and prevent new ones from forming.

  • TheMagalinamegg

    I think that you are really brave to share your experience with us, and it really does seem like your back acne scarring is healing great!

  • MissMichiful

    This helped me alot! I’m 14 yrs old (turning 15 in two months) and i’ve been suffering with extremely bad cystic acne since I was 10. It started with some on my forehead after we came home from our vacation in Vietnam and it just got worser and worser. Now my face is totally destroyed in blackheads, pimples, painful acnes and scars. My confidence haven’t been on top. Since I’m just a teen, i’m going through alot though. It’s hard to be to wake up everyday and look at myself in the mirror.

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