How can I tell if my dog has a thyroid condition?

He is a jack russell mix, and he is probably 50 pounds. He gets one cup of food and one at night, we do feed him some human food but it is not an extreme ammount. He usually will just catch some spilled cereal on the floor rarely or we will give him a handful of popcorn, so I don’t think us feeding him our food is the main cause of his obeseness. Should i take him to the vet to find out?


  • Red Pony

    Only tests performed by your vet will confirm a thyroid condition.

    But, does he have a regular exercise program? JRT’s are super active dogs and I would think an hour long walk a day would do wonders for his figure – if, in fact, it’s not his thyroid or other health issue.

  • Lauren, Justin

    more exercise

  • bcdawgma44

    Yes, your Vet can do a thyroid level.

  • Bella Cullen <3

    Yes, take him to the vet to find out.
    God Bless <3

  • koollabs labradors


  • Rosalie


    Keep in mind that what seems like a small amount of food to you is a considerable amount to a small dog. All of those treats are adding up, and are not healthy for him. He shouldn’t be getting *any* human food,and while the spilled cereal probably cant be helped (although he COULD be on the other side of a door, or in a crate…), the rest of it including the popcorn isn’t necessary.

    Unless you have other reasons to believe he has a thyroid problem, I would take his daily ration of kibble, subtract 1/4 of tat amount, and put it in a jar. THAT’S all he gets for the day. PERIOD. Any treats come out of that jar, and when it’s empty, he’s DONE. No more.

    Do that for a week, and see if he starts losing weight.
    I’ll bet he does.
    Keep doing it for a month, and I’ll bet he looks great.

    When you get him back to his right weight, keep him on the jar method and add back in 10 kibble. That’s his maintenance amount.

  • airforcebretto

    I have a Beagle that was diagnosed with a thyroid condition. (hypothyroid) It took 3 different Vets to figure it out. The standard thyroid tests camed back normal. The vet then did an alternative thyroid test and found the abnormality. My Beagle is about the same weight and we feed him the exact amount that you feed yours. Treating it isnt so bad. He gets 1/2 pill with each meal for the rest of his life. Its about a $40 for a 2 month supply from Banfield. but he did have a minor seizure that left his face partially paralyzed before we found his hypothyroid condition. His health conditions have cleared (frequent ear infections, skin allergies) Since hes been on his pills, no adverse health conditions since then.

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