Holistic Health courses?

Hi, I’m interested in taking some courses in holistic health, preferably those targeted in alternative medicine. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction to help me find some great courses with possible financial aid options and dorming? Any help would be good help. Thank you


  • Penny Royal

    http://www.naturalhealers.com will guide you to accredited schools. Real naturopathic colleges and acupuncture programs are accredited.

  • Mickey Finn

    You might check with chiropractic and acupuncture colleges in your area…though they may not have individual classes you may take, w/o enrollment in their entire programs.

    Here is an idea: Investigate classes in Touch for Health; Reiki healing; Massage Therapy. These would be an excellent start. Probably no dorming. Where are you, exactly?

    The Healing Light Center Church used to have some terrific classes (late eighties/early nineties), but they are no longer in Glendale (Calif.)…and may or may not still be in Sierra Madre.

    There are various Health Expo conventions throughout the year in different cities, which might provide additional clues…though some materials and traditions are of questionable value, in my view.

    Congrats on the question. Holistic/Integrative/Alternative disciplines and methods are really the "way of the future." Simply dynamite!!

    Give me a yell, and we’ll talk more.

  • Psychobenzaprine

    Are you sure paying for courses in a scam field of "study" is the best use of your money, especially considering the state of the economy?

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