High/Low Cholesterol?

I am almost 15, height is 5’7, weight is 164.

Last month I had my blood test done, and the results came back and said I had high cholesterol.
The number was about 170.

Now, I am very healthy. I am making sure I eat the right amount of food, get the right amount of nutrition, and I exercise daily.

I don’t eat anything with cholesterol in it (i’m a vegetarian, and i don’t eat eggs BUT i get my calcium and protein from plain non-fat greek yogurt and peanut butter!)

Now, here’s my question.

Is it possible for my cholesterol to be TOO LOW because I don’t eat anything with cholesterol in it?

Thank you 🙂


  • Spotty J

    Ah so many issues to discuss here. First, your cholesterol doesn’t matter because you’re 15. Your cholesterol won’t matter for another 25 years. Don’t worry about it.

    Second, yogurt has cholesterol, so you ARE eating it. Essentially ALL animal products have cholesterol, period. Yogurt comes from cows.

    Third, DIETARY cholesterol has little to no effect on your BODY’s cholesterol (except in a very small minority of people). This has been well-established mainstream science for 60 years. It’s not up to debate. You do not need to worry about eating cholesterol. All advice to the contrary is junk science and should be ignored. The science on this is very, very clear.

    Since your own level of cholesterol is independent of diet cholesterol (because your body manufactures however much cholesterol it thinks it needs), then no you don’t have to worry about not eating enough cholesterol. Your body will make what it needs. The reason animal foods have cholesterol is that all animals (including humans) produce cholesterol, as it’s a vital component of health. No cholesterol equals no life. Just ignore dietary cholesterol altogether.

    Next, 170 is not "high". Whoever told you that is ignorant. It’s below average. A bit on the low side. Average cholesterol in the US is about 200. Then again, IT DOESN’T MATTER BECAUSE YOU’RE ONLY 15.

    BTW, It is possible for someone to die because cholesterol is too low, and they’re deficient in making it. Such people die as infants. Beyond that, lower levels of cholesterol are linked to certain illnesses such as strokes, but generally that’s not something to worry about.

  • Flying Shiba

    Yes it is possible. Our bodies need cholesterol to function. It’s why we are omnivores, not herbivores that just eat vegetation.

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