High Cholesterol question…?

We found out about a month ago that my dad had high cholesterol. He’s never been one to take care of his eating habits, so I wasn’t really surprised to hear it. The doctor put him on meds right away which kind of made me a little upset ’cause he never exhausted the option of a good diet. I went with my dad today for a follow-up and I discussed diet with the doctor and he had this to say:
1. diet has VERY LITTLE to do with cholesterol and getting rid of it, it’s ALL ABOUT GENETICS –does that make any sense??? I thought it was an absolutely rediculous comment
2. I then asked him about carbohydrates."what about carbs? what should his daily intake be of it?" his answer was "i’m not worryng about carbs for him because he’s not diabetic" i replied "so he can eat carbs everyday without it having any type of effect on him?" he replied "nope, nothing" i replied "but my father doesn’t exercise" he replied "oh right…he needs to exercise then" and that was that!
Am i missing something here??


  • Fergi the Great

    1. Cholesterol levels depend on both diet and genetics. Depending on the type of cholesterol metabolizing enzymes your father possesses (efficiency, speed, goodness of fit, etc.) and the relative need for cholesterol derivatives, your father will find it hard to rid himself of cholesterol. However, diet is extremely important. If he consumes high cholesterol foods, his body will be less able to rid itself of cholesterol, but by the same token if he eats foods full of substances that increase bile demand, his cholesterol will be sapped. Cholesterol is the basic framework for most hormones as well as fanciful metabolites of the nervous system, so the more he exercises, laughs, and thinks about really tough things the better.

    2. Carbohydrate metabolism depends on the amount of cholesterol in the blood. Cholesterols are used to encapsulate and transport fat. If he consumes more carbs than he needs, like most people, especially simple carbs like bread and pasta, he will end up with more fat, meaning more cholesterol production to transport and store that fat (cholesterol is also made from fat ironically).

    Eat right, exercise, and take statins. Statins bleed excess free cholesterol from the body, but they have no effect on cholesterol balls which are transporting fat. As for laughter, it truly is the best medicine. Laughter will increase his epinephrine and dopamine requirements which means cholesterol will be metabolized into those neurotransmitters.

  • stevers1

    I suggest statin drugs. They are miraculous drugs that can help your body lower the cholesterol level. I’ve used them for 20 years and it has helped to keep me healthy. Examples are Zocor and Lipitor. There are all sorts of other benefits to these drugs too, the more you find out about them, the better they look. These drugs are much more important than diet. I do recommend aerobic exercise too, but that is much harder than taking drugs. If you are related to him, you might ask your doctor about them as well.

  • god knows and sees else Yahoo

    Cholesterol is genetic and runs in families
    Medication can control if caught early enough before damage is made
    In this case DIET is meaningless

  • true blue

    Your dad can definitely make lifestyle changes to bring down his cholesterol. It may not be enough, however to get them to a safe level. Some people’s bodies produce higher amounts of ldl, which is the bad cholesterol. And the older you get, the higher your cholesterol level may go.

    In reference to your dad’s dr., I think it’s time to find a new one. He doesn’t seem to want to put much time into helping dad change his lifestyle. He just wants to write a perscription and be on his way. You need to help dad find a doctor who will take the time to explain things and listen to what you have to say . Some of them don’t really want to be bothered, but you do have a choice. Your health is the most important thing you have. Find a dr that’s right for you. IF dad ever has a more serious health issue, imagine what it will be like to talk to this dr.? You would be better off talking to the wall.

  • miketorse

    I don’t think you are missing anything. I don’t know what your issue is. your point #1 – the doctor is correct. And your point #2 – Carbs don’t make you create high cholesterol.

  • kerridwen09

    I have high cholesterol and I’m a vegetarian. Mine is due to family (genetics) but of course, diet and regular exercise can help lower it. Carbs has nothing to do with it.

    One easy way to help is eating cereals (like old fashioned oatmeal or any number of multi-grain cold ones) that are high in SOLUBLE fibre. Dietary fibre will not help the cholesterol but the the soluble fibre will. If he switches to eating a bowl of oatmeal or other cereal high in soluble fibre (read the nutrition label), he will lower his cholesterol by several points.

    He should also consider switching to using canola and extra virgin olive oil in home cooking because it adds to the "good cholesterol" in your blood which will help lower the "bad."

    Saturated fats are the worst (trans fats, too). He should focus on cutting out things that have any "saturated fat" and find things with poly or monosaturated fats to help. Any fat will turn to cholesterol in your body but cutting out the sat. fats will help immensely.

    Walking briskly (working up to it) for 30 minutes a day will be a big help. Have him work on that (5 minutes at a time until he’s up to it) and he’ll feel better all around!
    Good luck…I feel for him because I know it’s hard to try to do these things. I try everyday.

  • geekieintx

    WOWWWWW !!!
    i was told to stop eating red meat (beef) ….eat more fish (salmon)and chicken and vegetables, nothing was said about carbs and to exercise (30-60 minutes) every single day…i think you should get a second opinion…

  • person

    I’m just like you dad. I’m over 50 and found out that cholesterol was YES 759. My Dr. gave me all types of pills. Now it’s down to 408. She, my Dr. told me that cholesterol that is that high is genetic. So I’ve warned my children.

    Get check youself.

  • kylan

    Ok Ok, I was diagnosed with high cholesterol recently so I have been looking into it extensively.

    Now, for that clown who said try Statin, he must have missed the study that says statin causes liver problems, so sure take statin if you are willing to risk liver problems.

    Second, Cholesterol has two components LDL and HDL, both of which are affected by your diet. However genetics is very important too. Different races of people experience different results from the foods they eat.

    Bottom line, if you are a vegetarian (not vegan) or at least avoid the fats from animal products BUT do get the fat from vegetable products, even if your cholesterol is high, you will not suffer the resulting cardiovascular disorders.

    Medicine is a very poor choice, most of the drugs on the market today have not been tested sufficiently to know what kind of long term side affects one might experience. I worked in a preclinical labratory and I saw first hand how poorly the tests were carried out. I have no doubt that the same thing happens in clinical trials. Taking medicine is a bigger risk than simply living with the condition you were diagnosed with IN MOST CASES.

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