High Cholesterol and Statins?

This will be my 3rd time testing tomorrow. I have quit smoking, changed my diet, lost 20p to be in normal BMI and run 20 miles a week. I also have excellent BP 120/68. I’m 39yr old female with high cholesterol that runs on my Father’s side with no family history of cardiac issues. Last time I was tested it was still high after losing weight and everything. Seems I won the genetic lottery.

There’s nothing else I can do short of going Vegan which isn’t happening.

Overall was 273 with LDL 178, HDL 81, and TRY 72. If it’s still high after testing tomorrow do I really need to go on Statins? I’d be more willing to go on them if my HDL was low so I feel conflicted. I’d like opinions from qualified people please. Thank you.

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