HELP ME NOW !? Natural Remedies or surgery ?

corns under eye bags stretch marks anything to help are there any natural remedies that can help get rid of those that I listed above or is it better to undergo surgery ? ! thank you for your help and please this is not a joke


  • janie

    I suggest asking this question on as they have many knowledgeable people who would have more expertise in answering this. I am sure there are. Also try searching on google.

    I know my health food store used to sell something for stretch marks, but unfortunately, I forget the name of it as they changed hands and no longer sell it.

    I would also try putting vitamin E on them by sqreezing it from a capsule or using vitamin e oil sold at health food stores but would also look for something else to use with it. this has definitely helped scars I read in books from the past.

    I used this and calendula and fresh aloe to prevent radiation burns from cancer treatment and it worked amazingly to the point the workers at the radiation dept were shocked I also took antioxidants like phycnogenol and grape seed extract etc with it.

    Maybe an astrigent that tightens skin would help the eye bags. Here is more on what an astrigent does and which herbs are astringents , Be sure you get organic tinctures and avoid getting in the eyes. A commonly used one is with hazel. If using that get at health food store.

    Look for allergies also by trying an elimination diet.

    here is a start for herbs for stretch marks

    and herbs for eye bags

    you should find a lot of help there

    look below my guess was right aloe and calendula (marigold) are both used for scars and I know vitamin e is

  • Anthony Williams


  • Rev.Michelle

    Google natural remedy’s for under eye bags corns etc.

  • billie

    I know Vitamin E helps scars like Janie said. and also maybe the astringents for the bags

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