Health issues with my colon and follopian tubes ?

So in the last question I asked a lady said tht my cysts weren’t in my Fallopian tubes. They are I had an MRI and a ultra sound so ya ha still don’t know if I can have kids and I’m still having super sharp pains in the colon area and the lump on my thigh is hurting and has grown a little idk if I should even be worried? Ha

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  • Tarkarri

    These are all questions you should be asking your Dr.

    It is often a good idea to write them down and take them with you so you don’t forget to ask.

    If you have cysts in your fallopian tubes, future fertility would depend on the damage caused by the cysts and we have no way of judging that.

    Sharp pains in the colon area would depend on the cause, it could be that the cysts are causing pain that appears to be in the colon and the colon itself is fine. Again we have no way of knowing.

    The lump in your thigh could be something as simple as a lymph node that has swollen in reaction to the cysts. Your Dr would be in the best position to judge if his is the case.

    As always, your Dr should be the primary source of your personal health information. People can only give general answers on-line.

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