health insurance! HELP!!!?

i’m 22, non-smoker, i don’t work (my future husband does) and never had insurance before. i need something that would cover everything + dental! i also have a baby in my plans…what is the best choice???? i don’t understand anything about health insurances! HELP!


  • Hmm00

    Can you get on his plan when you guys get married?

    I just recently lost health insurance through my dad and had to get my own. I can tell you it’s going to be expensive and it’s going to be hard to find one with maternity care. Every single one I looked at excluded maternity care.

    I am a 25 year old non-smoker with no serious health problems and I pay 275 a month not including dental and of course maternity care isn’t included. I also have a 500 dollar deductible for Er, xrays and other things plus a 200 dollar deductible for prescriptions.

    This is the site I used to find my plan.

    It is completely free.

  • collegechicksellers

    hmos are better but get one without a huge precost with those you would have to pay 1000+ dollars before you have any coverage thery are also a little more monthly but if you want health inssurance its worth the extra 20 dollars a month go to any health insuance web site to figure out more o ya the other type is ppo they have huge prepay but they do give you more monetary coverage but you best bet is to go online and look you get quotes and everything plus they are all in one spot i forget the namess but i know alligent is one go to google and type in hmo healthcare for me the best one i saw was 175 per month and im a 19 year old smoker

  • perfectvelvet

    Health insurance for the unemployed is extremely expensive. If you’re planning on going on your husband’s insurance when you’re married, you’re pretty much limited to what his company has to offer. Some places do not offer dental (besides that, dental insurance is typically a waste of money; unless you have really bad teeth or need a lot of work, you’re going to be paying more in premiums than you are in bi-annual visits).

    If you’re looking for insurance to pay for on your own, just search around the Internet ( offers quotes, but I have no idea about what they offer), but understand that the premiums are going to be through the roof and you’d be much better off either getting a job and going on their plan, or going on your husband’s plan once you get married.

  • kreitzer

    there are some independant insurance companies. Some are dependant on where in the us you live. My husband and I were covered by IHC while we lived out west and then when we moved to the east a good one was blue cross blue sheild. As far as a baby goes not too many plans offer very good materity plans. We had an ihc select health plan that covered 80% after a 5,000 deductible and then added a maternity supplement insurance through allstate. I think aflac does one too. The plan is set up in different increments but we did the plan where we paid $70 a month starting the month before we got pregnant and then after we had the baby we sent the medical bills into the insurance and they sent me a check for close to $5,000 back. It worked out great!
    As far as trying to understand the insurance thing I dont think any one understands insurances very well! trying to read their pamphlets and going back and forth between deductables here and monthly costs and yearly deductibles and individual deductibles and co-pays well visits and sick visits! they are very confusing and I think they word it confusing on purpose so that you think you understand something until you find out they didnt cover something and then they explain the words you read in a totally different way!!
    The independent health plans are not that great and continue to go up in price each year! Now my husband is a school teacher and though teachers dont make that much a year the health insurance is amazing! So thats my advice is to set the goal to eventually land a job that takes care of their employes! – with good health insurance! It is so nice to get the bills and see the 300’s here and the 250’s there and then to see my favorite part of the bill: " insured responsibility: $0"

  • JaredBalis

    The best thing to do in my opinion is to talk to a local agent. They can help you decide which plan will fit your needs best and at the most affordable price available.

    To connect with a local agent, fill out a quote form at A local agent will contact you and help you through this. I hope that helps!

    Jared Balis

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