Health Insurance & Health Care – is there a health care crisis in this country?

1. Is health care available to all American citizens?
2. Is health insurance available to all American citizens?
3. Do hospitals turn away those who cannot pay for treatment?
4. Does everyone need health care and health insurance, or will just one do?
…My wife is a RN and has worked in a hospital, done private duty, and now works part-time in a pediatrician’s office.
…My take: I am still learning and of course do not know it all, but:
… I think health care is needed by everyone and I think is available to everyone. If you disagree, please tell us where it is not available.
…Health insurance is not available everywhere. It should only be used for catatrophic conditions.
…Most hospitals do not turn away those who cannot afford treatment – they simply charge the rest of a little more.

…Please submit your courteous opinions – thank you.

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