Health care Assistant ……?

Hi i am interested in being an health care assistant but i am unsure of how to become one. i have the expected GCSE grades but i also need an NVQ level 2.
what course would i need to study at college?
and how long would this take?


  • StrawberryCrush


    I’m not 100% sure because I’m trying to find out similar information to you! But I think doing the NVQ2 in Health and Social Care would be a good start (this course lasts a year at my local college). I think you can get into a health care assistant job with this, but a lot of employers will favour experience as well as having the qualifications, so try and get as much care experience as you can while at college.

    Senior Health Care Assistant jobs at my local hospital ask for NVQ3 in Health and Social Care plus experience (this course lasts 2 years I think)

    Are you thinking of becoming a nurse in the future? I THINK you are able to get onto the Nurses degree with the NVQ3, and having experience in health care will be really good for your application. And if you were already working in a hospital at this point, they would probaby support you through it.


  • Sharon M

    check in to your college to see how to go about it

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