Healing Foods – Treating Eczema and Psoriasis

A quick look at two common conditions eczema and psoriasis. Advice, finding triggers, healing foods, etc. If you have any tips and advice to add, please do a VR or comment. Thanks!!


  • BlackcatNZ

    Great video Hun, 🙂

  • jaynswiss

    great video! where are all the pretty pictures, lol! KIDDING!
    the skin is an organ, our largest in fact! it is a physical representation of how our insides are working. learn to heal the toxification in our bodies (either from poor lifestyle choices or allergens) and give the outsides a fresh start!
    i agree with everything in this video!!

    anyone, PM me if you are a sufferer of either eczema or psoriasis, and i may be of some help! i prefer the holistic method of treatment.

  • NeskaBean

    I have terrible eczema on my face. It always comes in times of emotional stress. If I can control my stress levels, I can control my eczema.

  • gaiayoyo

    Very true info. Been the allergy route myself. One thing that helps skin disorders is making sure you are not low on vitamin D- it really makes a difference. Get a blood level done.

  • beccawitch

    Great information! I have eczema andI do have some tips that have worked for me. I will work on a VR for this!

  • dallasdicus

    Thank you so much, i have severe psoriosis, 90% coverage. Will love to hear more from you, I’m sinking into deep depression from it and nothing has helped in years.

  • jaynswiss

    i’d be interested in hearing how you are treating yourself at the moment.

  • hkm424

    i have eczema and so does my daughter she was diagnosed with severe eczema by the time she was 4 yrs old her main trigger items are ketchup eggs dairy and chocolate. i have a lot of tips for dealing with children’s eczema so anyone who needs help u can PM me. My daughter now has mild eczema only a few times a year and has been this way for about 3yrs now. it was a long road with horrible steriod creams and blistering bleeding breakouts but there is light at the end of the tunnel!

  • MediaHoax

    I use chamomilla tea. It makes me sleepy and relaxed.

    L-Tryptophan 1 hour before sleep.

    I wash my eczema with near-cold water only before sleep.

    No beer. I eat a lot of honey and apples.
    No Monosodium Glutamate or other additives. I reduce sugar as mmuch a possible. I drink lot of herb tea. And I want to try to make THC oil from indica plants.

  • KebenD3LCruzy

    if anyone has money in thier pocket or anyone who can hook them up, go for a trip to the DEAD SEA! its between Jordan and Israel. the only natural place and potent treatment against eczema and psoriosis. NO bullshit just read up about it.

  • laurasIs2c

    Have you experimented with Hemp Oil soap, or hemp oil itself?
    I’ve had amazing results with them and of course Hemp can help but it can’t hurt.

  • Tamera Doeringer

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  • Kate Jones

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  • Racheal Hertel

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