Hashimoto's thyroid condition under control but always sick!!?

I was diagnosed a year ago with hypothyroid condition called Hashimoto’s, I take my thryroid medication everyday, and have my blood levels checked every 3 months. The Doc says my hormone levels are good now. However, ever since I was diagnosed with this, I catch every bug around. As soon as I get over a bad cold, a few days later I have an ear infection, then a couple of weeks later bronchitis, then a stomach flu and so on… I eat healthy and keep active (when I am not sick in bed). I keep good hygene and live in a healthy environment ( near the Alps!) but keep getting sick. Anyone out there with a similar problem? Is there anything I can do to strengthen my immune system or are people with this thyroid problem doomed to a crappy immune system? I am so embarrassed to always be sick.


  • suncitysarah2

    I also have hashimoto’s thyroid condition. I was told that it may have been caused by my autoimmune hepatitis. I guess I’ve had this for awhile because now I have cirrosis. No I don’t drink or anything…it’s just something that happens. I don’t mean to scare you, but my "symptoms" started when my doc couldn’t figure out why my platelet count was always low. They said it may just be large platelets, so I had less of them. I never got a straight answer. Then one day about 3yrs ago, I was told that I had cirrosis. My research shows that Hashimoto thyroid condition is normally related to something else. Tell your doc every single symptom you have. Even the embarrasing ones. It could save your life. Have a complete blood work up done. Check for everything. I wish I had. I might not have ever ended up with cirrosis if they caught my autoimmune hepatitis sooner.

  • shizzlechit

    I have never heard of hypothyroidism being associated with a poor immune system. Ask your Doc or get another one for a 2nd opinion

  • Heather P

    I went in for thyroid bloodwork/ other problems and got sick a lot – maybe it has to do with being around sick ppl too much at offices? I noticed getting colds after going in to drs for other things! I was diagnosed w hashimotos too but my levels are all normal , yet i still got sick quite a bit. plus stress adds to it i’m sure!

  • sugars_that_heal

    That information on making your immune system stronger is on my blog roll.

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