has this been a bad eating day..?

how many calories would you say?

tuna melt panini with a small portion of chips,
2 chocolate shortbreads
a 100ml glass of cranberry juice
small slice of steak and ale pie
baked beans
half a bread roll
slice of chocolate cake

I also had pasta (but I know there was 400 calories in that – it said so on the packet lol)
This is my friends food!!!!


  • heather j

    you had all this plus the chocolate, chips, strawberry tart, cereal, bread etc you mentioned in your other question??????

  • Aoife

    Sorry, but i think it should be apparent to you that this was a bad eating day.

  • Melissa

    Not only do yo hae to watch calories, but you need to watch how much sugar and fat you eat.

    The tua melt panini was okay, but the chips, 2 chocoalte shortbreads (why have 2??), cranberry juice, and chocolate cake are all very high. I’m not sure whats in steak and ale pie, but if you didn’t make it, it’s probably high.

    I’d say you are around 2500calories for the day–pretty high (around 2days worth of eating) not to mention the fact that you had no veggies, fruits or milk products really.

  • mommanuke

    Impossible to tell the total calories without knowing a lot more, like how big was the panini, was the tuna in oil or water, did you put mayo on the sandwich, what was in the pie, how big were the shortbreads, etc.? However, on the whole it was a bad eating day because you ate predominantly bad carbs and no fruits or vegetables. (No cranberry JUICE doesn’t count. And baked beans are actually mostly carbs with lots of sugar added.) You need to substitute green and yellow vegetables and fruits like apples, pears, etc. to increase your fiber and vitamin intake. The tuna is enough protein probably, but it also wouldn’t hurt to eat a piece of cheese instead of shortbreads for a snack.

  • hepp t

    Its yours you already asked this question lol


    i would say about 2300 not that bad

  • Violet Pearl

    if that’s all you had all day, it’ sounds ok. Not many fruits or vegetables, but it’s not horrible.

  • rjphillips246

    yes it has! lol

  • Byakuya

    that’s probably not too awful as long as you aren’t planning on having a big dinner in addition to all that..

    all I had to eat today was some eggs and toast for breakfast and a peanutbutter and banana sandwich for lunch..

  • Summer

    Liar…. I like how you said YOU had pasta, too, but then said it was what your friend has eaten.

    Anyhow, you’ve… sorry…. your friend has eaten like crap today. That’s okay though… go to the gym, work out, and try again tomorrow.

    I’ve had a banana, half a penut butter sandwich, carrots, 5 thin slices of turkey, a slice of cheese, and three 14 oz bottles of water. I have a pear and a salad on standby if I get hungry again.

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