Your Grandparents Were Right

Our generation lives in a world where the children may die before the parents. This is because of the obesity crisis that is affecting the younger generation.

It is the first time ever in our history and it asks the question as to why our generation is suffering more than our grandparents.

All of us are now aware of how diet affects our health but not many of us have a good idea of a long term eating plan that will lead to optimum health with weight loss.

If you really want to have good health and lose weight then you need a long term eating program and you really need to think seriously about Clean Eating.

Clean Eating?… what is that?

Well to put it simply it is eating food in its most natural form just like nature intended.

Food in its natural form means food that has –

Not been manufactured

Is not packaged in a factory

Has not been designed by food scientists

Does not rely on clever marketing tricks to move it off the shelf.

Let’s think back… is that not what our grandparents used to eat?

That is what they called food

Our grandparents grew their own food and they bought it from other people who caught and killed it.

Clean Eating is about eating what grows in the ground, what can be picked from a bush or plucked of a tree.
It is the animals that fly, the animals that swim in our rivers and seas and the animals that eat the grass on our land.

OK so this sounds boring beyond belief but that is how homo-sapiens evolved to digest and absorb those types of food. These foods are the ones that make us feel full, they satisfy us and they give us the nutrients we need to repair our bodies

These foods

have no chemicals.

Were not designed in a laboratory.

They are just food.

Clean eating is eating real food with the emphasis on real.

So how does Clean Eating compare to dieting?

Lets look at a diet… what is it?

A diet is a short term fix to lose the extra weight you have accumulated. The problem here is that diets are usually gimmicks and temporary fixes.

The latest fad in diets is produced with one priority and that is to make money

In fact what a lot of diets do is just reduce the calorie intake without taking into account the nutrient requirements of your body. lets just say that diets are created with the market and profit in mind.

It is no coincidence that the foods that are the best for us provide the fuel our bodies need. These are the foods that our grandparents used to eat.

Eat those foods add a little exercise and your body will transform.

Once you understand what clean eating is all about you will change the way you think and feel about food

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