Good careers in Natural Health?

I’m very interested in Natural Health and Alternative Medicine but I don’t exactly know what type of job I want within this field, so I need some ideas. Can you list some of the most popular careers that fall within this arena? Thanks!


  • SoulCollaging Homeopath

    I’d say more to think about your interests. I started with an avocational interest in natural healing, so did a lot of self-study and substituted natural healing resources for drugs over time. It’s when I stumbled upon homeopathy through treating animals that I saw it is it’s own comprehensive field, like acupuncture and chiropractic. It’s (1) inexpensive, (2) gentle, (3) non-violent (no animal testing), (4) safe, (5) natural, (6) has a home care component, like a first-aid kit, (7) is environmentally friendly, and (8) improves health with each acute care treatment. So, I studied homeopathy.

  • woohoo

    that’s exactly what I’m trying to do!…I’m majoring in Nutrition (but I want to be a doctor) you can put your practice into a nutritionist or a registered dietitian. Chiropractic is also under natural health, or most therapies.

  • Nevada Pokerqueen

    Here are a few:
    Massage Therapist
    Natualistic doctor
    Holistic Doctor

    These are just a few. There are many that even branch off of these. If you look in Health Magazines at the back they will offer many fields of study and schools that teach the methods.

    Good Luck

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