Flawless Foundation Routine for Skin with Acne!

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  • gsierraa

    Ur beautiful girl!!! With or without makeup

  • Abby Hill

    Anyone tried the “Dr nick” blemish gel. Would highly reccom

  • Josi Paige

    your a cutie! 🙂

  • heartandsoul43

    Please check out my channel, heartandsoul43. I’m an aspiring YouTube musician and I’d LOVE it if you subscribed to me or even just check out my new cover of Taylor Swift’s song “Red”. Thanks so much! (:

  • Lanae Santiago

    Your Eyes Are Beautiful Just Like Youuu (: Love This Video! Deff Helped <3

  • DanceAgain19

    I love your attitude! I feel your pain cause my cystic pimples hurt sooo much and nothing seams to conceal them :/

  • gwynneio

    Clearly if not wearing foundation would have cleared her acne, he or she wouldn’t have put Marissa on acutane. Not to mention the type of acne that is on the cheeks and jaw line is way more caused by genetics than by the way you take care of your skin.

  • EssentialGlam

    what shade foundation are you??

  • nugget790

    You should try Acne. org way better than accutane

  • Tu Nguyen

    You’re beautiful! Why don’t you have more views??!

  • imonherebcimbored

    You’re beautiful with or without makeup girl!:)

  • Stephanie B

    You crack me up!

  • Andrea Lopez

    I love you!!! I just started watching you and I have bad breakout also I think your amazing for not hiding your face 🙂 Keep it up

  • angeliquue a

    I’m seriously loving you. You do what you want to do its your body and I think its amazing how you are showing everyone your process with your acne, You go girl!

  • TashMakeupReviews

    Amazing video, brave girl, I have tried to be confident from the start while doing videos and it’s awesome to see someone so naturally beautiful that’s not afraid of haters!!

  • lalip92

    Lmao to the I can’t believe I created that. Love that you’re confident and love your eyes

  • lalip92

    People that don’t have acne thinks its easy to fix. Like no, wearing no make up isn’t gonna clear you up or washing your face or even eating healthy. Acne goes beyond all of that. I probably have the cleanest skin and I have acne. I just hate ignorance. Educate yourself

  • tazedog4242

    shes not talking crap it true cover up is what starts acne in the first place

  • Michelle Chang

    drug store foundatikon routinee please?

  • ministryofmakeup

    my sister is a medical student, and she thinks it’s hilarious that I use B&BW hand sanitizer. apparently it doesn’t sanitize at all 😛

  • scrowellable

    not true..acne can be started from all sorts of DIFFERENT sources, such as genetics, off balanced hormones, puberty, etc.. fact: foundations, or any other products cause break outs, there is a HUGE difference between breakouts and acne. Just sayin’ 🙂

  • scrowellable


  • mrslisahunt91

    Love your personality. And videos.

  • 9hanniee5

    I really love that you aren’t afraid to show us your skin without any makeup 🙂 unlike some beauty gurus!

  • kaaatieee17

    You remind me of sarahbelle93x so much!! You should check out her videos if you havent already!

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