• texas224

    Are you eating too much sugar? Is certain food you eat triggers the eczema? Maybe a food diary can be helpful to take note what triggers it? I heard a juice fast or a raw vegan diet can help clear your skin internally.

  • WonderVape

    You have an allergy, and most likely *not* the flaura or the fauna. If it pops up like that overnight, you ingested something that treated you wrong the night before. Allergies can do that, too… pop up suddenly — I know this, it happened to me, and it happens to many people, all the time. Gluten, dairy or sugar. Try cutting them out, especially gluten. These days, *tons* of people are reacting to gluten, I don’t know why, but it’s happening, so much that’s it’s fairly easy to live gluten free

  • WonderVape

    Give it a try for a month. What could it hurt?

  • WonderVape

    I just want to amend and say, it’s not necessarily gluten, dairy or sugar, just most likely. However, I can say with almost certainty that it’s an internal allergy having to do with something you’re ingesting. Keep a log of what you eat and see what triggers the eczema. Even better, get a blood test done.

  • Melisa Fuentes

    Hi tried extra virgen oil is good for that

  • Melisa Fuentes

    Drink it olive oil 2 spoon , in the 3 times a day

  • Tailor Brooks

    I am currently 15 years old and I know the pain.every single year right before winter hits I gay the exact thing and it is SO painful.I personally put 3 tbl spoons of apple cider vinegar in a small spray bottle and fill the rest with water alkaline water.it burns like CRAZY but it heals
    It quickly

  • MrJonnyjohnjohns6

    Its cheese…. Fact

  • evelinbr

    Hi Lynn, I hope you are better now.I was like this for the last 6 months…Now I am really better but I am now gluten free, dairy free complitely.I did a lost of allergies tests. I think the diets helps in the long term.When it is really bad the only thing that helps is strong stereiod cream like betnovate…even for the face. and now I am using Cetaphil Restore mostiorise cream. Every change of the weather I gets worse.
    Be strong!!! It will pass, believe me!!

  • rockingranny69

    You’re beautiful! I suffer from the exact same problem, so I can empathize. I’ve tried pretty much everything too…and spent so much money. It makes me feel helpless a lot, but when my skin is behaving, I make sure to seize every moment. So far, Eucerin 10% urea cream helps. Use a facial spray – like Evian or Avene – and then put on the lotion. Sometimes Skin Drink from Lush helps too.

  • Alan Power

    Hello there! Thanks a lot for this helpful video. By the way, I hear a lot of people keep on talking about Eczemalox Remedy (do a search on google), but I’m not sure if it is good. Have you thought about home remedy called Eczemalox Remedy? I’ve heard several great things about it and my cooworker completely cures her eczema naturally with this remedy.

  • nyeshia tolbert

    okay i have eczema try drinking olive oil  2 tee spoons a day so far this worked for me i have it worser thn u have it i hope it work for u

  • nyeshia tolbert

    also try vanicream this works veary well

  • Littlestar Terri

    Have you tried using “Aveeno” Facial products their amazing for eczema type skin and don’t burn at all soothes down any burning or stining and prevents excess itching.It also has a natural source of wheat which is supposed to be good for the skin. It’s worth a go! i’ve tried it and i have body eczema and it’s improved a lot!

  • joepoeff

    hey girl dont eat gluten, go GLUTEN FREE, ”DO NOT EAT GLUTEN”

  • joepoeff

    eat fresh apples evry day drink loads of water and DO NOT EAT GLUTEN this will help

  • zacatecas423

    Use clobetasol and quadriderm mix than you will find results

  • Calviniced

    Oh my. Lynn, stay strong, I know what you’re going through.

  • Calviniced

    lol, i’m sitting her laughing when she said “ping pong balls” while i remember the time when i was 14, waking up in the morning with swollen eyes myself. bless her.

  • lozsaunders1

    H Lynn, I find alcohol flares up my eczema bad! May be why you flared up after the party! You poor thing. Yes, the greasiest ointment type stuff is the BEST. I often use vaseline. Despite what many people suggest it may not be your diet at all, ive had LOTS of tests and only came up sensitive (re:my immune system) to some nuts which i never eat. I cannot speak highly enough of getting as much SUN as you can! Im currently having controlled UV sessions with my dermotologist and it works amazingly!

  • lozsaunders1

    My dermatologist (who is very good and CARES unlike many I have seen) also says to take antihistamines every day, they are safer than paracetamol, according to him. It just helps take the edge off. Oh I forgot to mention in my earlier comment that I DID infact come up sensitive (but not allergic) to the sulphites and yeast in beer and wine, so Ive cut out alcohol all together (boring, I know) and I definitely have less flare ups.

  • quantumpower

    i am dipping my finger in potassium permaganate as i am watching your vid

  • zewlybeans

    Stop drinking alcohol, eat gluten free, you MUST be strict about your diet. Absolutely no wheat, alcohol, dairy, and eggs seriously and dot use ultra greasy lotions it makes you itch more the best lotion I’ve ever used is from bath and body works “lay it on thick unscented” Shea butter. Also get an allergy blood test. And for instant relief take a salt and avocado oil bath. Not a lot of oil only a couple of drops Epsom salt works fine… Tu these things an let me know how it turns out. I

  • zewlybeans

    Oh! Also what helps me with the burning when applying lotion is applying pure aloe Vera gel on my skin BEFORE applying any lotion it really helps calm the skin before you put on all that grease and chemicals. Again let me know how these things work for you they’ve helped to keep the flares downfor me esp not drinking alcohol unfortunately

  • Alec Jimenez

    DONT TAKE STEROIDS. doctors are full of shit. you guys have red skin syndrome. I have had eczema my whole life and im 18. you have to withdraw from the creams your doctors give you. do it before your process gets worse

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