Extreme Acne Treatment, Laser and Pus Fly Widely

Extreme Acne Treatment, Laser and Pus Fly Widely? What does it mean when a laser shoots out of your zits?


  • Aroob Sulaiman

    Man, i want to see his face now

  • Aroob Sulaiman

    Its gotta look horrible

  • Maxwell Fedie

    You are completely accurate, they have enflamed it much more.

  • chimp175

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  • WildWillow5


  • damesondainjured

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  • Dr.James Meschino

    Acne is a disorder that occurs when the sebaceous glands in the skin make too much oil (sebum). The oil combines with cells that line the walls of these glands and clogs the skin pores.

    Dr. James Meschino

  • idonthaveapandahat

    So many people have said this to me! xD It was just a joke!

  • dragonsky799

    I have heard many dermatologists claim that the root of acne is caused by infection. Is this true?

  • Zeyad Al hasany

    1. EW !
    2. OW !
    Thank you.

  • Niccole Naifeh

    This ruined the kids skin

  • Alex Kuma

    esto debió dejarle una marcas horribles!!!!!!! mejor se los hubiera exprimido en su casa le sale mas barato

  • HHazuker Corona

    Lo bueno que fue no mas en unq area

  • lilmanstube

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  • JulianBaynes1

    Good. Get rid of that scum.

  • vozik22

    пожалуйсто переведите на рус и скинте в личку!

  • Rellik Kilinc

    i rekn he ruined it even more

  • Tessa Aarts


  • Dietrich Hans

    hi guys, this one seems to be a good acne solution


    acne problems daalam lives very annoying

  • kira williams

    what is the name of this treatment and is it done in the us?? also does it scar the face of make hyperpigmentation on ethnic skin???

  • wiscont3

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  • TheurgistAfrine

    Wow. Just a couple squeezes and the cheek was effectively sponge-ified. Poor guy… this must have hurt to have his cheek holding so much pus!

  • Lupita Lastra

    Best job ever

  • iggywebber

    I’ve have severe Acne for nearly fifteen years, it always occurs in the same place, Across the top top of both cheeks and side of nose. I’ve tried most things over the years. I try to keep my skin as clean as possible and do without make up as much as possible but feel I need some face foundation to at least cover the worst as I feel dirty,
    I bought a comedone extractor and boy,did I bruised my face without much pressure, I’m now so down my doctor put me on antidepressants,anyone tried laser?

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