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Ezcema and the cause of ezcema remain a mystery for modern medicine as does the cure for ezcema. Ezcema skin symptoms are usually redness and itching. Baby ezcema is the most frustrating and can be outgrown. Suggested ezcema treatment may be warm showers, creams and anti-itch medicine, but the ezcema cure all patients are looking for most likely is an ezcema diet and all natural supplements.


  • jboy15fullcaliber

    I’ve at severe eczema since I was a baby and people have never made fun of me because i’ve just explained what I had to them. And trust me mine is worse. Just try explaining it to them. I have it all over my body and no one has ever made fun of me! And try Cera Ve or Vanicream lotion. It’s soothing and helps alot! :).

  • jboy15fullcaliber

    Same here! Your story is exactly the same as mine! And mine too O.o P.s. I’m 16 also and had to go to the hospital for the same thing as you when I was 2.

  • jboy15fullcaliber

    Who else hated it when you woke up at night because you couldn’t stop itching and you sawyour arms/legs bloody and just sat on the floor and cried because you had eczema? I remember :/. BUT I DON’T THINK THIS WOULD WORK AT ALL!

  • jboy15fullcaliber

    Better Treatments:
    1. Uni-Boot
    2. Bleach bath (fill bathtub with water, get 1/3 cup of bleach, pour in and mix, soak for 15 mins, do 3-4 times a week. P.s. Might sting a little but just fight through it :).)
    3. Protopic
    4. Hydroxyzine or loratadine (medecine that helps with itching)

  • jboy15fullcaliber

    better treatments(continued):
    5. wrap up in gauze or put socks on your hands at night
    6. change bed sheets 1-3 times a week(dead skin and other things irritate it)
    7. try swimming alot (works like bleach bath but fun :))
    8. cut your nails or sit on your hands or keep them busy while watching tv or something
    9. try cera ve lotion or vanicream lotion
    10. try going outside more because i have severe asthma and severe eczema and severe allergies it helps both because u can become tolerate to both.

  • jboy15fullcaliber

    P.S. My eczema is still bad but this stuff helped a little and go to this website because they have camps for kids with skin conditions and i made tons of new friends there and still talk to them and their just like you and won’t judge you :).

  • jboy15fullcaliber

    P.P.S. I’m 16 and have had eczema all my life and i know alot about it. i also go to world renown pediatric dermatologist Dr. Amy Paller and i have studied up on eczema and am planning to become a dermatologist when i grow up to help people like us amd hopefully find a cure for this! please try those tips and if you have any questions about eczema please contact me at Thank you!

  • jboy15fullcaliber

    Hydroxyzine will do more than that though!

  • JoshuaMouncer

    Well I’m glad I’ve found someone who suffers the same way I do. My infection has cleared up now and I have no sore or red patches which I’m very relieved of. I hope it never comes back. 🙂

  • sweetgirl94949

    Diet is the only way you can cure your eczema. Yeah, I said cure.

  • seracclaire

    I think the kind of eczema that I have is Dyshidrotic Dermatitis, I have it in my right hand and it’s just disgusting coz it’s getting dark and it’s peeling and cracking!,, I just wanna ask, is there a chance that it’ll back the way it looks like before, like normal??… ;(

  • JetSet11000

    there is no hope then for poor people and low income sufferers cos we can’t afford to see real doctors

  • JetSet11000

    what if you are poor i wonder?

  • sweetgirl94949

    I am actually spending a lot less money on food eating just fruits and veges!

  • baykomious

    just tell us the answers doc why tease???

  • jboy15fullcaliber

    great for you buddy! i’m happy at least one less person has to suffer from eczema like i do anymore! 🙂

  • skinnayJJ

    Vaseline is good for eczema, but its just messy and stuff and gets on other things. But still good. The patches kind of disappears and you have just the normal bumps, and those start going away too. But he’s right, allergies do affect eczema.

  • eczemafreecure

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  • MGarciareporting

    This product worked great for my eczema… check out my video….

  • Zenaida Buntleitner

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  • MsEvilone01

    i have ezcema on my feet legs and its trying to get on my knees. oh and i also have it around and inside my ears.

  • Linsey Spickard

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  • miss1awsome1

    i know!!! i was thinking the same thing! he didnt tell us WHAT food would help!

  • Judith Proctor

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  • 06STIowner

    He is giving you people the answers. go on google and type in elimination diet. If your eczema goes away by two weeks food is one of the causes.

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