Eczema question……………?

Asked: Eczema question……………?

I have eczema on my face, neck, back, arms and legs. I got allergy tested earlier this year and found out that I’m allergic to milk and msg so I cut them out of my diet and the eczema on my face has improved dramatically. However, it is still a problem for me on my back, arms and legs. I don’t know how to reduce it, I’ve tried several creams but they don’t work.


visit a doctor ! an combined medication is needed! and use a good anti dandruff shampoo so that it wont re-occure.
I’ve found that Protopic works great. It’s not a steroid and has no cortisone in by another strong ingredient and clears the skin in a few days if applied daily or every other day.
It does not make the skin thin like any cortisone cream and it can be used in sensitive areas like tha face ( even close to the eyelid ), bikini area etc.
Ask your dermatologist.

I am a psoriasis patient for 15 years. Prosiasis is very similar to eczema and we have the same creams/lotions/treatments. I’ve used tons of stuff all those years and cortisone creams left me a few nasty stretch marks on my arms. So Protipic is safe ( use just a tiny bit ) and works as fast as a cortisone cream.


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