Eczema Cure

I had the WORST eczema ever before I tried out extra virgin coconut oil.. if you have eczema I would totally reccomend trying it out and seeing if it’ll help! And it really doesn’t matter what brand either, if you have an allergy to coconut dont use it. But if you don’t, put it on after you shower and it’ll last all day (if you workout you might want to put on extra cause of sweat). Where to buy: Henrys, Sprouts, Whole Foods, Frazier Farms; those kinds of stores And hey, if this doesn’t work, you can always research other methods: rgrans sent me this so maybe it’ll help you!


  • La Kenya Stone

    Grrr…so frustrated…I was using coconut oil…but I found out I am allergic to it….I have tried everything…I have it in my scalp, my face, ears, nose, neck, the bends of my arms, hands, and legs….I am tired of it…I am with you @ PsalmsNmyrrh…if Gasoline worked, I would use it too…lol

  • FutureBeiber

    Im 10 years old and Have eczema. Ive had it since I was a baby (so for 10 years) My only cure is going to spain because the weather and air there is wonderful, But I cannot go every year so Its hard. I put 2 lots of cream on otherwise I cant walk. Im allergic to grass, sand, sea, bubbles, etc; I would use that But Im allergic to coconut oils, and stuff like that. so Its hard for me to find a cure. I have it on my legs, wrists and arms. I hate eczema!! It’s meant to go when your a teen! Im hoping

  • wishywashygirl19

    try jojoba oil and black seed oil.

  • wishywashygirl19

    try grapeseed oil or evening primrose oil dont use gasoline its toxic

  • PsalmsNmyrrh

    thank you I forgot how well grapeseed is for skin. I will try both… I am having some success with the coconut oil but I think I have to change what I am eating too. might be a bad reaction. I was joking about the gasoline though LOL

  • PurplePandasX

    I had Eczema for the past 16 years .. and I’m 16 now . It’s not fun to have . I had to go to pediatricians , and dermatologists for years . Thank you so much for the information !! 🙂

  • happylilgirlie11

    did you drink it also? Or did you just apply it on you eczema?


    omigosh everyone loves COCONUT OIL!! ITS 4 EVERYTHING!

  • kowaihippo

    HECK YES!!! eating, skin care, eye makeup remover… lol

  • kowaihippo

    glad you were koing about the gasol;ine O_O

  • kowaihippo

    argan oil might help too, it’s just way expensive, have you fiound out what food allergies you might have? you might need to detox (lots of water + infrared sauna = miracle for the skin)

  • lyla444

    Coconut oil is amazing for eczema, BUT IT WILL NOT CURE ECZEMA. This video is very misleading. And I like how you’ve added an affiliate link so you can earn money from lying and misleading people!
    I’ve been using organic extra virgin coconut oil for years and guess what, I still have eczema! It’s a shame that people take advantage of other people’s misery 🙁

  • hippomunchi

    hey lass, I only posted the video because it helped me with my eczema symptoms and has helped a lot of other people too. Your body could be reacting to a food allergy or parasites or something like that though. Have you tried ellimination dieting or detoxing?

    Also, if you’ve been using something for more than a few months and it hasn’t worked it probably wont work anytime thereafter. I sincerely hope that you do find something that will work for you because eczema is no fun to deal with.

  • lyla444

    I’m not saying it’s not helping my skin, because It does! and I know that it helps a lot of eczema sufferers. I use it because it helps. When my eczema was really bad I did a lot of searching online and came across a few people, like yourself, claiming they had found the “cure” for eczema. It made me so happy and got m so excited and then these “cures” didn’t work and it was heart breaking for me. It sounds like you know this won’t work for everyone so why claim it? that’s what I don’t get

  • lyla444

    I have tried the elimination diet and I’ve had a couple of food intolerance tests and there was no major contributor. The weather and stress are my biggest triggers and I have no control over them. There is no “cure” for eczema only ways to control it. Different things work for different people. If you uploaded this video because you genuinely wanted to help others, you should at least add a disclaimer to let people know that just because it worked for you, doesn’t mean it will work for them

  • fszron

    I had severe hand eczema recently, and I treated it using bleach.
    1/2 cup of bleach in a warm water bathtub for 5-10 minutes (Just in case I had any on my body).
    For my hands, I dunked it in warm-near hot water with 1/2 cup of bleach for 10 minutes and it was gone the next day.

  • Carole Washington

    Hi! Thank you for this helpful video. By the way, I hear many people keep on talking about Eczemalox Remedy (do a google search), but I’m not sure if it is really good. Have you tried home remedy called Eczemalox Remedy? I have heard many great things about it and my friend completely cure her eczema safely with this remedy.

  • MistahTwaan

    Doesn’t work

  • koala bear

    does work i used to use it when i had eczema a long time ago it works so well!!!thx

  • Andrew Beanland

    This is a method to remove eczema instanteously and cure it. Really. This is what you have to do: go to your local pharmacy and buy Calamine Lotion. Step 1. Take a lukewarm shower (how you normally shower, shampoo etc.) Step 2. Spread a generous amount of the Calamine Lotion all over your body (don’t dry yourself after showering). Step 3. Let the lotion dry for 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse off with cool water. Step 4. That’s it!! Do this everyday for a week! You will see the difference immediately!!

  • Dr.James Meschino

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  • 19jaycin

    will try this out thnx

  • Simo Karam

    Hmm, interesting. I will try it and let you know.

  • Tony Prasetyo

    thank you for your help, good medicine

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