Eczema Cure for everyone!!!

hi, I’m jeff, and I want to help you with your eczema. I want to offer you the best way to beat eczema FOR GOOD. acv and earth clinic are what I am explaining. Hope I help you all and good luck. jeff out


  • Roxas Pew

    I dont think I’ll last much longer bro

  • Roxas Pew

    I hate the fact that no one is taking eczema seriously. They just hi

  • sweetgirl94949

    Hey guys, just reading all these messages and reminds me of what I use to go through.
    However, I figured out what I actually have is Topical Steroid Withdrawal. My ‘eczema’ was actually my skin withdrawing from the steroids I took from my initial eczema. If this sounds like it may be what you are going through then go to its a organization that helps spread awareness of TSW. There is also a forum of hundreds of people going through this as well in which we share our experiences.

  • android71as

    I suffer eczema only in winter, by remedy is wearing a vinyl suit and do fast exercising til sweating, it’s painful for about 2 -3 minutes, and after that I’m safe for whole day or sometimes days. Try it hope works (drink a lot of water )

  • megamunchit2008

    If that doesn’t work, try using Benadryl. It’s not a cure but it will help with the itching. You’ll sleep better nights. It has worked for me. I know the feeling.

  • megamunchit2008

    Go out, buy Benadryll pack of 24 just to try it out and see if it works for you. It won’t cure your eczema but it may help with the itching. You can get it at any Wal-Mart in the pharmacy location. Hope it helps you.

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  • makaylasexton16

    I have had it since I was a baby on my legs

  • Philipp Krokmitten

    yeah it’s crazy!! My hands were 90% cured. Every time it itches, I use to put my hands under ice cold water and retained my self from scratching them (very hard).. This morning I woke up and seems like I scratched them all night during my sleep.. im gonna try this vinegar.

  • Heather Akeo

    Hi names Heather and I had it so bad that I never wanted to leave the house cause it was that bad. And I’m lucky my boyfriend don’t mind it but I don’t like it cause people always look at me. But one day my sister in law had gotten a Lotion called country chic from bath and body works. And I really needed something to moist my hands cause they were cracking. And b4 using scented lotion will make it worst. But after using the lotion it helped a lot. It’s going away slowly.

  • shannynlou

    dude fuck all that bool shit other people sayin u look great 😉 I had eczama ever since I can remember I cant wear shorts like at all every body like mam why dont you ever wear short like really none of your fuckin biz I dont fuckin want to but im wit u do every body dat got eczama need to help each other out real talk

  • jemXero

    I’ve had eczema my entire life, on the middle of my arms, legs, and sometimes on my face. It gets really bad when I sweat, or eat certain foods. Plus, I have A LOT of allergies. I get insecure when I wear shorts or short sleeves because even when I use lotion, my skin gets worse throughout the day, especially at school. People have asked me if I got hurt or something, because my skin looks bad. I hate it so much. 🙁

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  • inexplicablefully

    what would you dooo for a klondike bar

  • 5tonyvvvv


  • haleyyyyy14

    i had mine since birth :/ your friends start to adapt to it, it takes a little while for them to adapt but then they’ll realize its nothing serious its NOT contagious and more,

  • Julian Hamilton

    It’s ruined my life as well with my wife and friends no one understands this skin condition the pain as well as loneliness it brings with it. I have faced endless amounts of judgement and horrible comments about my skin. I know that diet is key but also not being overly stressed.

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  • Monte24s

    It sucks man I can’t sleep at night

  • andychanny

    you have pictures of half naked girls on your wall right below your crosses with Jesus on them. wtf?

  • lionettes27

    To treat it you can put hot water over it

  • PolymerProjects1786

    I’ve Had Eczema Since Birth , When I Was Three I Had It On My Scalp And It Made Alot Of My Hair Fall Out . It Went Away And Now I Have Thick Long Hair , But Anyway Im 14 Now And Im A Freshman and I Get Sick Of The Stares Because In The Winter The Eczema Flares Up Really Bad On My FACE . Pretty Embarassing . AndI Hate Working In Partners Because I Always Have To Find A Way To Write Without Them Seeing Spots On My Hands , And I Cant Wear Sandals Because I Have A Big Spot Of Eczema Growing On my F


    I have eczema and Its ruining my life!! I’m embarrassed to go out, I hide from friends and make excuses when they invite me to hang out. Really it’s because I’m ashamed of how I look!! My eczema is all over my body, even my scalp. My skin is soo itchy and when I scratch I scratch hard where it bleeds and flakes off. I’m soo sad and depress I can’t enjoy anything now and I stay home and be miserable all day and night. I wish this horrible skin condition would go away and bring my skin back to

  • dontdropthatshit

    yeah I use to tell them that I was sick and I was acting like a hermit and not being social which hurt my self esteem. Commitment is a big factor, I want you to be strong my friend, Do not let this take away your enjoyment of life. Affirmation “I will beat this eczema whatever it takes!” humans are capable of great feats, Believe you can cure it and go about it

  • nicolea fanico

    @PolymerProjects1786 omg I know how you feel I’m the same age as you and going through the same thing

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