Eczema cure for everyone!!! 3

hi guys. this video talks about alcohol and eczema, honey, udo’s oil, and apple detox. I would like you guys to check what you are allegeric to, it really helps. have a great labor day weekend. jeff out



    I will pray for you that God eliminates the symptoms or cures it completely…I am 43 years old and just started getting it on my upper arms…all the sudden now on my hands and now a few on my face…I was told by the dermatologist that it is common for middle aged guys to start getting this. I didn’t care when it was on my arms but when it shows up on the fingers and the face THEN it’s a problem. Christ’s love.

  • angelbe88

    yes, my hands break out from beer and wine.

  • smallheelcatcher

    Landed on your video looking for help with a hand break out. For so long growing up I was treated as if it was eczema, then they were calling mine a skin virus. So on the off chance it’s a bit of both I’m going to treat it as eczema. Love your video style, very natural and a lot of good points. I’ll be trying the apple cleanse, so doable. Thumbs up man; hopefully less itchy thumbs in the near future. =] Peace.

  • xClaireable

    i speak to a spiritual mantra about my eczema and positive thinking works repeat to yourself ”I APPROVE OF MY SELF” try it! it works god bless ye all:)

  • 13topich

    if you have dry patches like i have, i use a honey-olive oil scrub. michelle phan, yes a beauty guru, uses it and my eczema has cleared up. look it up, it’s amazing and super cheap.

  • silent333

    im allergic to apple :/

  • kterbo

    Thats cool that you watched the Secret movie! Law of Attraction works… If you know you can cure in your mind… you will. 🙂 thanks for videos..

  • abeltomtos

    I agree with you! That program give a complete
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    eczema worst to cure it permanently. Now, again
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  • dontdropthatshit

    I would like to make a point for my viewers. I want us all to help one another, use each other not only for research and treatments, but for support on our mental state as this can get us depressed. I will delete any comments of negativity, I will not stand for people bring others down or lowering of self esteem, if you want to bad mouth someone save it for an email, this is a group of positive people that will work together to improve their lives. I just wanted to make that clear.

  • Igobrunette

    I recently got an ezcema, is my lower eyelid…it is AWFUL! 🙁 my eyes are puffy and itchy, n sometimes it dries up. I’ve tried everything ,,,the last thing I tried was extra virgin olive oil…is working ok. I hate the way I can’t wear make up. I’m following u up on ur videos, they are very helpful thanks 🙂

  • the7substances

    A way to make it stop itching for a few hours (until you can do something more effective) is MINTY TOOTHPASTE that works best. Let it stay there till it dries and cracks and that’s when you need to wash it off and put more if nescessary. Also baby oil with aloe works but it doesn’t last as long. But this is only a TEMPORARY thing.

  • danyal khan

    @Igobrunette let me knoe if it works

  • MsEvilone01

    I WONT GIVE UP SWEETS!! raaaaaaaw

  • Rose Anne

    Jeff you’re awesome, I just want to ask if what aveeno product should best to use particularly the one that you use, I have oily and sensitive skin and Im on a ACV diet now almost a month now I also applied it externally and the effect is really amazing. Thanks

  • dontdropthatshit

    no problem, I use to use Aveeno for sensitive and dry skin. As I have recently heard though they have raised their prices which is outrageous. When I use to buy it I remember it being in the 4-5 dollar ballpark however I have heard it is now in the 8-9.

  • Elmer Schlemmer

    Hello there! Thanks a lot for this useful video. By the way, I hear a lot of people keep on talking about Eczemalox Remedy (search on google), but I’m not sure if it is really good. Have you ever tried home remedy called Eczemalox Remedy? I’ve heard some great things about it and my mate completely cure her eczema naturally with this remedy.

  • thedrumdude97

    dude you are awesome I’m gonna try the stuff you’re talking about!

  • juvier29

    thank u so much

  • Natalie Waite

    Guys, completely cure your eczema does not need to be difficult (I used to feel it did). I’ll give you some advice right now. Look for remedy called Eczemalox Remedy (google it). Seriously,I finally eliminated my pain & embarrassment caused by eczema for good by using Eczemalox Remedy.

  • orangetri

    The amino acid vitamin you bought (from what I could read on the label, Lysine?) is one of the essential amino acids that are used to build proteins in your body. If you’re looking for an easier way to take proteins I recommend eating quinoa because it contains all essential amino acids and is gluten-free. I’m going to be making an appointment with a naturopath soon to see what foods I’m allergic to for my skin.Thanks for all the help!

  • dontdropthatshit

    No problem and yes Quinoa is delicious. The more I read up on wheat the worse it is. It all comes down to how the wheat is processed and changes our bodies for the worse. Good idea about the naturopath, they will help aid you. stay strong

  • Karoline Laxner

    Its still surprises me, how some people have no idea about Eczemalox Remedy (just google it), despite the fact that a lot of people completely cure their eczema naturally with this remedy. Thanks to my mate who told me about Eczemalox Remedy, I finally eliminated my pain

  • cutenerdychick

    First thank you for posting these video it’s not easy to admit having eczema second how can I find my food allergies without spending money at doctors

  • dontdropthatshit

    no problem, I thought why not share what I know and my experience. There is a prick test done by trusted doctors or naturopaths. Mist common are wheat, peanuts, milk, and sugar.

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