Drugstore Acne Essentials! Get Clear Skin For Back To School Without Spending Too Much Money!

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  • SiddThaaKidd2107

    I use St. Ives Green Tea Scrub and it works WONDERS! It gets rid of all my black heads and pimples, and smells AMAZING! 100% recommendation! <3

  • Tiffany Davis

    I used the yes to tomatoes mask, and it made me break out horrible.

  • totalsoftballqueen3

    ive used the deep clean cleanser/mask to absorb oil and it works wonders! the neutrogena moisturizer u have there, i have it in the oily free acne one and it has salicylic acid and i love it. for spot treatment i prefer the clinique spot treating gel because i can wear it during the day with or without makeup because it dries clear and thin. at night i prefer the proactiv refining mask as a spot treatment. i think you should try these 2 products out because i LOVE them.

  • jimmy jim

    I’m using the deep clean too but the foaming one and I think it does a pretty decent job at cleaning. But, it did not improve my overall complexion that much.

  • Neşe Kurt

    i use Clean&Clear Acne products to clean my face in my country and they works very well. Because the face wash jel/cream and tonics has salicylic acid in them. Besides these, i’m currently using neutrogena sensitive skin moisturizer and i love it too!! it hydrates very well and doesn’t cause oil at all. i prefer to use it especially in winter instead of using sunscreen.
    thanks for the video, you look so sweet 🙂

    Best Regards,

  • greenest12

    I love your shirt! where is it from?

  • lvshannon6

    the deep clean is 67$? hmm…

  • Brittany Barile

    6 to 7

  • helenarose42

    What order would you use the products in??….. Or does it not matter?? Xoxox

  • germangem

    where are you from? i live in sf 🙂

  • sierraas2

    You look SO beautiful here!

  • penguinlove71

    I thought you were putting the mask up to the camera to be like, “Here! Smell it!”

  • Chelsea Conover

    What foundation do you use for full coverage?

  • Lexi Wilkeson

    you’re too skinny.
    no offense.

  • MetalLovesTechno

    jealous much?

  • RavenCredaMalfoy

    For everyone bitching about her collarbones

  • RavenCredaMalfoy

    Continued it could be genetic. All the women in my family have very sticky out collarbones. And i have the. Two

  • lilmanstube

    Hey sick of acne? Want it gone?
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    acne.pushreview. com

  • Qherolina

    Do u happen to have pitted scars?

  • TracyCFW

    Hope you can put your products you mentioned in the description bar. 

  • debbie7771

    As a life long acne fighter you should not use soooo many products with acne medicine in them. Especially all at once. Skin responds better to gentle products with consistent exfoliation, moisturizer with sunscreen and if you break out a lot use one it type of medicine. I’ve tried it all and finally saw results with cetaphil/clarisonic and witch hazel and aveeno moisturizer with SPF.

  • Candy Rain

    She is quite thin, you have to admit. Her arms are like sticks 🙁 I dont think that poster was being jerky or jealous. You can see it in her other vids too, she’s scary thin.

  • Candy Rain

    You do realize that Neutrogena is well known for testing on animals? 

  • trisha60

    this video was great and really helpful! i also did my own version of my tips for helping clear up skin! please have a look and let me know if it helped! xxx

  • StyleStrands

    Hi Everyone!

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