does this natural asthma remedy work?

Spring is here, allergy season comes again. this is the first allergy season during which i am having to deal with asthma problems. i havent had a full-blown attack, but its scary to think that might happen. my mom has asthma, i know what it looks like.

anyway, im 16 and im taking 3 pills for other health problems…i feel old! so i thought i try a natural remedy for my new health issue (ugh). i found a remedy online (which is said to work for beginning stage asthma, which i think is what i have) and it says to boil 10 cloves of garlic in 1/2 cup of milk and take at night. it must be DISGUSTING. so i want to make sure it works before i put myself through that. lol. has anyone tried it? does it work? do u know anyone whos tried it? did it work for them?


  • cwgrrl7

    Ummmm, no…
    The only thing that will work is a personalized asthma treatment involving daily medications and exercise to keep yourself conditioned. In saying this, your doctor knows your entire medical history and is more qualified to treat you than someone on the internet who’s never met you but’s trying to cure everything you don’t have wrong with you!!!
    Listen to your doctor, take the medicines every day. I know that you’ll find a regimen that works for you soon…and doesn’t involve 10 entire cloves of garlic!!!
    God bless.

  • Nichole R

    I very much doubt that would work in any way what so ever. I suggest you go to the doctor ASAP and get tested so that you can get a rescue inhaler at the very least. You do not want to be without one and have an acute attack.

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