Does colon cleansing?

help you lose weight and how do you do it without buying pills


  • dan d

    Keeping things working well in your stomach and colon can benefit your health in many ways. A relatively clean digestive system can improve your quality of life today as well as reduce your chances of disease later. Benefits of a colon cleanse for your overall health include:

    * Better tolerance to food
    * Better vitamin and nutrient absorption
    * Reduced constipation and bowel problems
    * Increased energy
    * Weight loss
    * Lack of bloating
    * Relief from backaches
    * Clearer skin
    * Reduced halitosis
    * Headache reduction
    * More comfortable, easier bowel movements

    The benefits of a colon cleanse are so vast many people exclaim they feel like a new person afterwards. Feeling energetic and “lighter” are some of the reported results of colon cleansing. Performing a thorough, seven or ten day cleanse can bestow noticeable enhancement to your health.

  • Michael H

    I have a friend who uses a double dose of laxitves once a month to clean him out, personally I think I will stick to eating lots of fruit and vegetables.

  • dimplez

    It helps you clean you colon, but it doesn’t really help you lose weight –you just feel less bloated. I drink generic Metamucil you can get it at any store in the same isle you’d find tumms, pepto etc. Another thing you can do is increase your fiber intake: eat veggies/fruits, oatmeal etc. I wouldn’t try pills, they can be dangerous.

  • Bill P

    Colon cleansing is a dangerous practice and can easily lead to dehydration and other colon-related problems. including immune deficiencies. According to information I received from my gastroenterologist, this "cleansing" process should be avoided since the risks far outweigh any minimal benefit.

  • Peanut

    Agreed. Fruit, veg and fresh, natural, fibrous foods are the best and only way to healthily cleanse your body (lost of water also).

    Laxatives mess your system up and cause problems. Pills packed with herbs and junk claiming to be colon cleansers are rubbish and a total waste of money.

    Unless you are going to splash out for a professional colonic every once in awhile, the best thing is a healthy diet that’s high in fruit and vegetables.

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