i like to eat avocado on salads etc? does it do bad for controlling cholesterol levels?
and i was told i have a lot of the good kind but border on the bad kind …no pills taken yet
can someone pls tell me why i was not given any tablets as i been told that i have many good cholesterol …and not too much bad ..but think next time i be on pills as i have 6 bad one


  • Tien Long

    Avocados are very low in cholesterol, but high in fat. The good news is that it’s "good" mono and polyunsaturated fats. Consult your physician

  • Chickita

    Well there are two kinds of cholesterol and avocado has the good kind. However it does have quite a bit in calories so as with everything eat but don’t eat too much.

  • jett breez

    No. The fat/oil in avocado is healthy. It doesn’t contain trans fatty acid which is the worst type of fat.

    P.s. when an oil is heated to its smoking point its turned into trans fat. Avoid that

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