Does anyone know of any natural remedies for allergies:?

mostly stuffy nose, and sneezing a lot. I’m allergic to ragweed. And nothing seems to help. I’ve tried Benderaly and flonase but neither have helped. I’m allergic to a lot of medcines so I don’t want any medicine if it’s not natural. thank you!
Thank you for all of the suggestions and I will look into each and then deciede what I want to do! Except the honey that actually makes me worse for some reason and to the other thank you for the information on the Bee pollen that may be why the honey makes me worse!


  • I used Flonase until I became immune to it. There are alot of
    products out there that sting the membranes of your sinuses.
    I know from trying so many. Now I’ve found one that works
    perfectly to unplug my nose. But it is a perscription and you
    don’t want a stereotypical med. So the only thing I’ve tried in
    natural medicine is "stinging nettles". Which is in your health
    food store. It doesn’t work for long tho. So that’s a drawback.
    But it is natural and won’t hurt you. Maybe there is another
    product in that section. The clerk should have some info on
    others if there are any. That is part of her or his job.

  • Jeff H

    Talk to your allergist about allergy shots if it is really bothering you. My allergy shots were controlled doses of ragweed pollen, etc.

  • Wondering

    Try some local honey, if it’s offered. Honey catches many of the allergens from the air, and when consumed in honey, you don’t suffer the allergic effects, but build up a resistance to the allergens instead. If you don’t get honey locally… uhh… maybe fruit?

  • PrincessD

    there are eating and diet systems out there for that. it’s amazing how much we eat that will effect it. i had a friend cure his allergies simply by changing the way he ate! i used to live in washington state where i was allergic to everything! i was taking 4+ benadryl sometimes 3times a day!!!! i feel your pain and hope you find something that will work

  • roberta s

    Hi, I will first say you don’t need "LOCAL" honey to help your allergies because it is not the "LOCAL" as long as you buy from a reputable company, actually the honey will not help you it is BEE POLLEN that will. I know because I suffered from the same condition for years until I read about this amazing company and how the family that started it were the pioneers well they helped me so much with info and reading. I use their bee pollen and fresh royal jelly every single day and I can say with all my heart I AM ALLERGY FREE NOW.

  • dropyourallergies

    May I suggest….

    Under-the-Tongue Allergy DROPs.

    Custom formulated based on YOUR Allergy Test for the most common seasonal & Year-round Allergens specific to Your Geo-Region.

    DROPs are a Natural, Drug Free Allergy Solution.

    In addition to a normal Saliene / Salt Solution for Diluent, They contain Pure FDA Approved Extract of What you are Actually Allegic TO !…. based on your Allergy Profile.

    Slowly over time, concentrations are Increased …allowing Your Bodies Natural Healing Process to ReCaliberate itself ..
    producing Lasting, If Not Lifetime Allergy Relief.

    Good Natural Health

  • Lover of Blue

    Try antronex by standard process. It helps with allergies. Good luck!!

  • soxrcat

    FYI, the honey has to be local for it to do any good.
    Try washing out your sinuses with warm salt water.
    It’s homeopathic and can’t hurt.

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