Does anybody here know about Thyroid conditions?

I have lost weight recently that I couldn’t lose while dieting. While I welcome the loss weight,I wasn’t dieting or exercising! I went from 203 to 179 in a matter of months.


  • CardsFanMD

    Unintentional weight loss is almost always pathogenic. Hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid) can cause weight loss. So can TB, so can cancer. I would see your doctor as soon as possible. I’m not saying you have TB or cancer, but unintentional weight loss can point to something very serious. it’s better to be safe than sorry.

  • I thought people with thyroid conditions gained weight

    Have you done anything that could’ve increased your metabolism such as
    eating more frequently, eating almonds, blueberries, or spicey foods? Increased your activity in any way, been drinking more water? (dehydration can slow your metabolism down by even as much as 3%!

  • lilhonyok5

    go to

    think that’ll help

  • dynamite136

    an over active thyroid makes you lose weight, an under active thyroid makes you gain. you should go to your doctor, they can do blood tests to see which one you have, if thats the problem

  • laineyette

    See a Dr. about this…Drs are always concerned about unexplained weightloss. Low cortisol can cause this problem, either from adrenal or pituitary malfunction. There are other medical conditions that need to be explored.

  • paintergal73

    Check your pulse frequently and if it is over the 90 ish mark it is a tachycardia. Also I got very hot and had extreme amounts of energy with my hyperthyroid…if you continue this you need a quick blood test to tell you if you do. With a hyper thyroid, there isn’t much you can do, except take a beta blocker if your pulse is high. My pulse would hit 200+ the norm is 60-80. Hyper thyroids just have to burn them selves out and then they go normal again…mine took a year. Hope that helps.

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