Do YOU suffer from Estrogen Dominance?

Ever notice over the years how certain parts of your body will lean out and develop incredibly fast, while other body parts NEVER seem to change no matter how hard you exercise or diet?

What if I told you it was because there is very high likelihood that it’s because you may be suffering from something called Estrogen Dominance.

Symptoms include decreased libido, sluggish metabolism, and insomnia.

But the most common side effect of Estrogen Dominance is excess fat storage in your most stubborn spots, like the abdominal / belly and lower body region (butt, hips and legs).

Here are 4 easy steps you can take, starting today, that will help you STOP estrogen related fat storage and lose more fat from your biggest problem areas:

==> STOP Estrogen Related Fat Storage (4 simple steps)

You’ll also discover a simple test you can take on yourself for Methylation, which helps your body process toxins and hormones, including the breakdown and removal of fat storing estrogen.

In order for optimal estrogen metabolism to occur, your body needs to efficiently methylate.

But for many individuals there is a genetic problem affecting this process called MTHFR.

How do you know if you have this problem?


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