Do they have the Mental Health First Aid course in England?

I have an online friend in England. I was telling her about this great training course I went on last year called Mental Health First Aid, or MHFA for short. It taught me how to spot someone developing a mental health problem and what to do to help. My friend is interested in going on the course in England. Do they have it over there?


  • Sally

    Yes they do. I was working in England last year and got sent on a course by the people I was working for. It was over two days and it gave me a lot more confidence about being able to look after a person with a mental health problem and get them to the write kind of help. The guy who ran the course gave us his business card at the end and I still have it. Tell your friend to have a look at his website. It’s If your friend goes on the course with him tell her to say hello from Sally, that’ll confuse him.

  • Florence

    Yes we do, you can take it at university and get a degree in it 🙂

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