Do I have a thyroid or autoimmune condition?

I’ve been having some seemingly minor health-related issues recently and I was wondering if these are indications of some kind of thyroid disease. I’m a 19 year old ethnically Chinese male born and raised in the USA.

I think I might have developed a mild case of Hives. It started around 1/3/11 and I get occasionally itchy around my legs arms back or chest which is followed by minor, small red bumps. It persists off and on daily usually in the morning/afternoon, but it isn’t too disruptive to everyday life. When I was maybe around 13, I also developed a case of shingles that went away after going to the doctor and taking meds.
I might also have some kind of Angioedema. It usually is just a raised bump under my eye about an inch and a half long when it occurs and goes away usually overnight. These started happening fairly infrequently maybe 6 months and might have happened on three or so occasions.
I’ve also developed a minor left eye twitch in the past 6 weeks or so. I’m not sure if this is at all related to the other issues.
My dad developed thyroid disease (I think hypothyroidism) sometime in his early-mid 20s which obviously raises my chances of having it.

Other than these symptoms, I don’t particularly identify with any of the common hypo or hyperthyroidism symptoms.

Finally, I should also note I took the quarter off from college to do some independent travelling in the Middle East and do some volunteer microfinance work in Uganda, so finding adequate healthcare might be an issue for me if there is indeed an imminent problem.
I’m still in Israel and have yet to travel to Uganda.

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