Do Food supplement's work?

I’ve been taking juice plus (fruit and veg in capsules) for about a year and the only difference i’ve noticed is the hole in my wallet. I’ve heard the sales pitch from NSA operators and am not convinced.


  • colonel

    What kind of changes were you expecting? Too often we expect more from supplements than they can deliver.

    Taking specific food supplements like Ginko biloba may help. Taking multiple vitamins may help a little if you are sick, but multivitamin supplements have shown little benefit for healthy people.

    A lot of times they help, but don’t show up as major changes like you are now superman if you take this pill. Antioxidants are a good example. They work on the cellular level and keep your body from deteriorating as fast, but you won’t necessisarily see a big change in how you feel. However, they are still very beneficial.

  • michael m


  • No, to get fruit and veggies into your diet, try adding an apple to your breakfast, V8 at lunch, and a few servings of veggies with your dinner.

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